#1 Goldmine Review. Who Is It For?

goldmine review

#1 Goldmine is a huge ad blaster which will have the official launch on November 1st. Although still officially in pre-launch, the site is functional, and it already has over 3500 members in about 14 days since its unofficial launch.

Let’s start our #1 Goldmine review understanding who is it for.

Who Is #1 Goldmine For?

Smart advertisers should be very receptive to what this program has to offer because it is a great tool to deliver advertising targeted to different traffic sources. You can easily put your ads in front of audiences of traffic exchanges, safelists, text ad exchanges and even through classifieds and search engines. That’s a lot of eyes that can see your ads with a minimum of effort on your part.

Affiliate marketers should also take a good look at their affiliate program.

About #1 Goldmine Owner and Network

Maryanne Myers is the programmer, designer and owner of #1 Goldmine. According to the site’s about page, she has owned sites for almost 20 years, which means a great consistency and long term experience.

#1 Goldmine is a full custom work, using the latest technologies, and Maryanne likes to remind us of that. Of course this is something noticeable, because the novelty of design attracts more people, while the latest programming techniques means the site may not need a deep structural update for a long time.

But here comes the question. Is there something behind the technique to support the value members expect? And the short answer is a definite YES.

Maryanne Myers is the owner of a large network of advertising sites. Of those, besides #1 Goldmine, I am also a member of two others for now: 1ProfitRing and Pangea.Group.

Each of these sites are custom and have particular features you won’t find on hundred of other sites.

How #1 Goldmine Works?

In simple terms, you set up your ads, then use gold bars to blast your ad to 12 TEs, safelists, and TAE (1468 text ad exchanges) from Maryanne’s network. You don’t need credits to blast the ad to any of these sites (but you need to be a member; note: TAE is one site). Silver bars can be used instead to show your ad to 3.5 million viewers using classifieds and search engines.

Ultra Packages

Ultra packages include gold and silver bars, plus two more benefits: not needing to log in every week to keep your free text ad active at #1 Goldmine and custom text background for your text ad.

On the sale page for ultra packages it is mentioned they are on the limited basis only during the pre-launch phase. I don’t know how much these bars will cost after launch, so it would be a good idea to go for this offer before it’s taken down. Gold bars can also be earned for doing certain tasks, but I don’t see anything about silver bars except to purchase them through the ultra packages.

COLOSSAL Blaster, with a Downline Builder

You use one gold bar to send one ad blast to 12 sites mentioned above. You can send the same ad to all traffic sources or different ads to different sites, all with one click. The total reach of the COLOSSAL Blaster is 338,000 members.

The COLOSSAL Blaster includes a downline builder for the sites that can be used to blast your ads.

I sent one such blast until now, the process is very simple and the message reached the members area of the target site almost instantaneous. I have my emails turned off, but Maryanne sheds some light as to when they would be received in an update sent after I initially published the review.

“POPPIN” Blaster

You need silver bars for “POPPIN” Blaster, one for each blast. I haven’t tested it yet, but it should show your ad “to an audience of 3.5 million using classifieds and search engines”.

In the info update, Maryanne mentions the price of the ultra packages will go up after launch, so if you want to stock up now is the time.

#1 Goldmine Affiliate Program

The affiliate structure is two tiered, both including the same 25% commission rate.

I’ll use the example from the site, because it’s well thought-out:

So, let’s say you refer Mark. He buys 1 advertising package. You get 25% commission from it.

Mark refers Linda, who buys 4 advertising packages. You get 25% x 4 commission on the packages Linda bought. Mark also gets 25% x 4 commissions.

It is also not a one-time commission, it is paid for every purchase of your referrals, indefinitely.

The interesting part about this affiliate program is that you don’t have to be a paid member to access the 25%+25% commission structure. This will certainly help make #1 Goldmine viral, and the number of people who joined in two weeks since the unofficial launch prove it.

Members can also send direct messages to their first and second tier referrals.

Free Text Ad and Banner Ads. Branding.

Every member can set up a free text ad which will be shown to other members of #1 Goldmine. Showing this text ad is conditioned by logging in every week for members who haven’t bought an ultra package.

Every member can set up 4 small square banners to be shown as “My Favorite Sites” below your picture.

Branding is given a special attention on #1 Goldmine. The particularity of #1 Goldmine is that name, picture and favorite sites of the referrer are also shown when you advertise, along with your own. This makes the bound between the two tiers of the affiliate program even more close.

#1 Goldmine Review Final Words

I like this site on multiple levels: as a programmer, as an advertiser, as an affiliate marketer. Maryanne Myers has a way of integrating vanguardist technologies with elements considered of the past (web rings at 1ProfitRing). The mix may seem strange, but that’s what makes her sites have a unique stamp.

UPDATE OCT 22nd: Maryanne Myers added a useful info page, which is public. I made a few minor adjustments to the review to reflect the further clarifications she offered.

LATER UPDATE: A new blaster was added to the site, and you can use Bronze Bars to send ads to it. This blasts solo ads to Maryanne Myers personal lists and they are scheduled in limited amount every day.

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  1. Cheryl Fitzjohn // October 21, 2017 at 10:54 pm //

    I have joined that site through another resource. I like what you say about it . So important to know that. it not really gold but It can turned it gold through promoting your ads through it or getting referrals who want to get bigger views of their ads.

  2. Right! If advertising is gold, then the place where you get easy access to blast your ads to huge advertising resources is a goldmine.

  3. Sir, I joined already 2 weeks ago. Really you are absolutely 100% right.

  4. Thanks Kanakjyoti. I suppose you are one of the first wave of members then. I joined a little later.

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