12 Websites Which Include Paypal as a Payment Solution


Here we are in 2017. It occurred to me that enough people may be rearranging the programs they use based on support of one payment solution or another, which seems exactly the opposite to what it should be.

A number of recent polls showed that Paypal is still regarded as the #1 payment processor. Therefore I put together a list of 12 websites (all with affiliate programs) which include Paypal as a payment solution:

  1. Adrian’s Hub

  2. I’ll start with Adrian’s Hub, although we can’t compare in many ways with any of the following sites on the list. But Adrian’s Hub is over 2 years old, has no debt to anyone (other than currently pending commissions) and supports Paypal. Plus my entire philosophy with Adrian’s Hub is based on helping members which learn, take action and want to grow to step up.

  3. TrafficWave

  4. This is the autoresponder service I have used for several years. Most likely all serious autoresponder services include Paypal as a payment solution. You need an autoresponder service to build your own list!

  5. Trck.me

  6. Another evergreen product, a tracker for your advertising, which is indispensable if you want to see where your results come from.

  7. 97or3

  8. As I looked for websites I use that still include Paypal as a payment solution, I came across 97or3, from which I get a big fat commission every once in a while. You can too, of course…

  9. ClickTrackProfit

  10. Kore4

  11. As all TimTech products, Kore4 top bonuses package add-on also includes Paypal as a payment solution. If you wonder why they, being in the TE niche, still have Paypal, this blog post might help.

  12. DLB Caddy

  13. This is a great program to auto-fill in those downline builders (if you upgrade). I’m not entirely sure it still supports Paypal, because I’m already upgraded and can’t see the payment options, but Paypal is still a payout option (the only one).
    UPDATE: Another program that disappeared without a trace.

  14. ClixSense

  15. Together with NeoBux below, the top PTC sites, both around or over 10 years of uninterrupted service.
    UPDATE: Paypal is no longer supported, Clixsense stopped being a PTC site and focused on offers, tasks and surveys. Multi-tier affiliate program was also reduced to single-tier.

  16. NeoBux

  17. One of the top PTC sites, for those who are not members and interested. What is interesting is that both NeoBux and ClixSense had their Paypal accounts frozen or limited in the past and they both sort things out with Paypal.
    UPDATE: Paypal not supported anymore, this time for good, by all indications.

    Affiliate products sold via big affiliate platforms (like JVZoo):

  18. Landing Page Monkey

  19. Create professional landing pages with great backgrounds (including your own video) in 4 simple steps.

    The usage of a big affiliate platform like JVZoo to sell a product, usually guarantees predictability in relationships with third parties like the payment solutions which are integrated.

  20. Blogger’s Roadmap

  21. When you first decide to start your own blog you lack experience and information, to name just two. A roadmap is most useful.

  22. EZ Video Creator

  23. Inexpensive software to help you easily create professional looking videos.

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9 Comments on 12 Websites Which Include Paypal as a Payment Solution

  1. Thanks for the post Adrian..this week I can see that some TE’s can accept paypal again like Suzanne Howarth from hitsandlistcafe you can pay and receive commissions with paypal.
    I just received an email from TePays too : “Paypal has reviewed our program and has determined that we are not in violation of their acceptable use policy at this time.”
    Just in case I have my payza and STP accounts verified (It was very hard to verify my payza account)

    Aymane Bouisaghouane

  2. Thanks for your info Aymane! Yes, I saw the email from tePays too.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Adrian’s Interviews: Read the Mind of John Novak!

  3. Patsy j Payne // January 7, 2017 at 7:40 pm //

    Thank U for a comprehensive list. I will add th einfo to a column on my data base.

  4. For everything there is always an opposite and equal reaction.


  5. Hi Nick,

    I think there is a nuance here. Newton’s law works for forces that are concomitant, opposite and equal. And so much in our world can be explained by it.

    When we deal with human actions and reactions we have two situations (maybe three) as far as I can tell:

    1. instant opposite reactions, which may be of equal size or not, but are easier to take into consideration

    2. opposite reactions kept under the lid, which grow in time, and blow up unexpectedly and maybe for a very little reason. These are almost always reactions way bigger than the actions which apparently triggered them, and almost always with consequences impossible to predict or control

    3. there are people who simply won’t react no matter of the actions they have to put up with
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Strategy For New Members of Adrian’s Hub

  6. Well we all know that everything these days are very expensive.It is very hard for the working man or woman to buy something that he really needs.I works in grocery stores about 2years ago inflation hit and I don,t see much coming down that was because gas was so high.Maybe this is why people are trying to hold on to some of there earning for a raining day.But it does amaze me that you can offer something for free and no one will join then when they do join they aren,t active.There are only a few that are internet lovers.

  7. Hard times are the ones that brought many people closer to the internet in the first place, looking for alternatives. Keeping them close and interested is another deal.

    This sort of mentality doesn’t help: When something is not free, it’s a matter of not enough money. When something is free it’s a matter of too little time (in truth, of bad priorities). In fact everything costs, if not money, then time.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Internet and Borders. Freedom and Reversed Globalization

  8. Tony Matyasovszky // January 25, 2017 at 2:03 pm //

    it has been a sore subject recently with paypal dropping many programs.I can’t understand why this even happened.People had to shut their programs down because of low revenue.I am just glad that someone once in a while puts out a list like this.

  9. Yes, such an unexpected event can add a tremendous pressure on cash flow. That’s why I always thought such operators or facilitators should use a softer method on their clients. But we already know power is often mistaken for entitlement. Until a reality check comes…
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Internet and Borders. Freedom and Reversed Globalization

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