3 Driving Forces for Change in Your Life

change in your life

Have you ever wondered what drives people to change? What is the force that pushes a person to leave the comfort zone and start changing his or her life?

The topic has been discussed from many angles, so if you know how to change your life — if you’d like to — how come you don’t? It’s not enough to wish to change your life, that’s not a good enough reason to leave your comfort zone. What’s missing? If you answered the “driving forces” or even the “triggers”, you are right.

Which are the driving forces that are most often behind the reasons why people change their lives? Let’s see.


When you hit the bottom you must understand what went wrong and change it to get up. It might be that you made mistakes, or that the context was not favorable or that you lacked the motivation. Necessity represents a wake-up call for many, but not for everybody. Some find comfort in the new situation, as frightening as it is, because they lack the desire to continue.

Pursuing a Vision

Someone with a vision continually challenges the status quo. He or she can’t find a comfort zone until the vision becomes reality. After that, a bigger or different vision usually follows in a perpetual thrive for improvement.

Do you remember your dreams as a child? Many people think they lost the ability to dream after childhood, but that’s not true. Their dreams may have been consistently put down by people around them and they didn’t fight to keep them or find new ones which better reflected their evolution. And that’s how we get to the third driving force to change:

Peer Pressure

As I’ve explained above, peer pressure can be responsible for shattering your dreams. It can put you down, when you’re trying to accomplish something.

But, on the other hand, it can also push you to reach new heights.

Which of them it is, if it’s positive or negative, you can directly influence by carefully selecting the peers surrounding you.

I’ve recently wrote a post, where you can see examples of the type of pressure peers exert over you. Their influence is a driving force which can change your life for the better or worse.

Final Words

Why would one want to change, to leave the comfort zone? To say it bluntly, it’s because comfort zone only exists in our head. Everything else, the world surrounding us, is moving, is changing, at an ever-increasing rate. If you stay in your comfort zone, you might as well wake up in a world you don’t understand and which doesn’t understand you.

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2 Comments on 3 Driving Forces for Change in Your Life

  1. This is a great article. I find myself burried in serious health issues once again. Do I want “change”, you have to know that I do. How does one change what they can’t see or feel? For me it is an all consuming necessity. I either control my health issues or they control me.
    I will use a metaphor from my youth. I was a boxer, all 130 pounds of me, My very first ametuer fight I never saw the right hand that put me on the canvas in round one. I didn’t think twice about getting up and continuing. The second round, same right hand, same outcome. I rose again. the Third and final round I bloodied my opponent’s nose. This, however, did not win me the decision. Why was I able to persist under the worst of scenarios for me? I believe two things helped. One was, “peer pressure”, I was boxing in front of about 800 people, many who knew me. I felt that even if I lost but gave my all they would still be with me. The other, “my vision” I wanted to be a boxer, and I saw me holding my arms up in triumph. This couldn’t happen without a solid vision of what I wanted. I perservered and won my next fight with a knockout and held the trophy high over my head!
    How does this help me in my quest to become healthier? I will persist until I find the solutions and the path to health. I never give up!

  2. This is a great point you’ve made in your comment Gary! To continue with your metaphor, we like it or not, life is a fight, and those who give up forfeit the game of life, while those who keep struggling and persevering may in the end finish victorious.

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