3 Tips for Posting Every Day

3 tips for posting every day

Here on Adrian’s Hub I post weekly and I’ve been doing that since 2014. I know, I’ve started much later than many bloggers, and I not the most successful one either. But I’m consistently doing it.

For about a month, I’ve completely changed my routine, and it’s not exactly a breeze doing that either, while also learning about a new platform.

Now I usually post once per day. That’s a big change from once a week.

Is this a routine I’m comfortable with? Not always, especially if I want to write something substantial, as opposed to posting a funny picture, or even a quote (as I do once a week).

But I’ve picked up a few tricks you can use when you write daily.

Write Shorter Blogs

First of all, posts will become shorter, want it or not. A big well thought-out post needs a minimum of a few hours of work. Sometimes huge posts are put together in more than a day. They can be very valuable, full of quality content, but at the same time, you can’t write such a content daily. That’s excluded!

Use Template Blog Types

One other trick I’ve picked up by following those more experienced than me in this area, is that, to make it, some of your blogs will be templates you simply adapt to new sets of information. Easy to write, little brain effort put into them.

I haven’t used many of them yet. I do have a day when I post a weekly challenge report and also in one of the weekend days I usually post a quote (gives me the time to write on Adrian’s Hub blog or tend to other activities).

Check Out Topics Related to Your Target Niche in Online Media

When you find something interesting, you can present it as news, most often as a short, easy to understand, story with a link to the source or sources, which treat the subject more at large.

It would be nice to see you on steemit. If you join or are already there, I can be found at http://steemit.com/@gadrian.

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2 Comments on 3 Tips for Posting Every Day

  1. Hi Adrian, good post. I post once a week, religiously, and find that challenging. Why did you decide to post everyday?

    Your tips for writing everyday are good, especially the idea of a template. You could also theme up each day. For instance, Motivation Monday, Tips Tuesday, etc.


  2. Hi Nick! Yes, posting every day is even more challenging, especially when I come, as you do, from a weekly pace.

    I wanted to see if I can do it on a daily basis, nothing more than that. I remember when I started doing weekly posts on Adrian’s Hub, that rhythm seemed tough to sustain, to come up with something new to write every week.

    Your tip about having themes on certain days is awesome! I will most likely put it to practice.

    Thanks for your comments Nick!

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