5 Reasons NOT to Have Your Own Blog


Are you prepared to have your own blog? Some may be tempted to answer yes, but I’ll give you 5 reasons NOT to have your own blog.

Actually, no. If the characteristics below are not about you, then you have a fighting chance in the blogging arena. I’m not saying you’ll succeed, but at least you add one more filter before you decide whether to have your own blog or not.

Don’t have your own blog if you

1. Don’t listen

The best teachers or mentors I know are so great because they know to listen, and only then speak. Listening to a conversation (or reading the feedback you receive) is not only polite, but also helps you offer a better answer or solution. That is true about blogging as well. And more than often listening is ignored, when you “feel” you have something exceptional to write about. Even if you do, are you writing about what your readers want to see or learn more? Do you even know what that is? I often ask for feedback from my subscribers, but still I feel I should do more. Just listen!

2. Are not a focused person

If the idea of starting your own blog just came to you, but you are usually an unfocused person, then learn to become focused and consistent in your actions first. Otherwise the entire experience will most likely be disappointing for you. Well, actually you can increase your focus by blogging, but you’d need to have enough patience to allow yourself to learn and become accommodated with the new activity. You also shouldn’t…

3. …Expect immediate results

Unless you are a celebrity, don’t expect immediate results, as in people genuinely commenting, sharing your blog posts, or clicking on your links and joining whatever you promote. That won’t happen, forget it! But add quality content for years and then you’ll see how powerful blogging can be.

4. Are not in for the long run

If you feel you can squeeze blogging in your busy schedule, but have no long-term plan for it, you might just consider waiting until you are ready to allocate more time or resources for it. When I say resources, I mean if you don’t have enough time to blog yourself (or you’re on a writer’s block), you can hire freelancers to write posts for you, but be ready to pay for that, and the amounts will pile up. If you don’t publish regular content on your blog (doesn’t have to be daily in my opinion), you might be better off without it.

5. Won’t add original and quality content

You might want to comment on more popular blogs in your niche first. See how often you find anything relevant to say about a topic you’re familiar with and how people respond to your comments.

You might want to try reading what you wrote after 24 hours, see if it still looks good for your own standards. If you often fail at these tests, you are not ready to have your own blog.

Copy-pasting other people’s content and calling it your own with no or minimum modifications (also known as plagiarism) will backfire for sure.

Installing, hosting, coding and designing. Don’t be discouraged…yet!

WordPress is by far the most popular and flexible blogging platform and it’s free. Installing a new WordPress blog can be done in 5 minutes and there are plenty of blog posts telling you step by step what to do, if you find the installing process complicated (in fact, it is really simple!).

If you don’t want to pay for web hosting of your blog, WordPress can host it for you. It’s free, but the shortcomings are that you can’t have your own domain name, and other limitations apply, some very serious.

You don’t need to be a coding wiz to have your own blog (especially with all the available plugins to improve it), but it sure helps adding unique functionality to your own blog.

You don’t have to be a designer to use one of the thousands of WordPress themes out there. But it helps to understand coding to create a child theme, which allows further customization.

Again, when you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t have time or will to learn, you can find professionals that gladly create designs or add the functionality you need for your blog.

If the reasons I gave you not to have your own blog haven’t made you back down, I congratulate you and wish you the success deserved for your perseverance! You probably still need this e-book, to avoid many mistakes on your road.

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6 Comments on 5 Reasons NOT to Have Your Own Blog

  1. Hi Adrian. I love the title of the blog and you outline some very good reasons for sober thought about blogging. Your point about consistency is critical to the long term life of a blog. It take real effort and hard work to keep a blog going once it’s set up.

    Publishing a blog is also an amazing learning tool. Well worth the effort. Your points are a great starting place for people thinking about starting a blog.


  2. Hi Nick, thank you for your comment! Yes, blogging is a leaning experience, and I can honestly say has made me better in more than one way. Not everyone has the inner desire to keep going, and that’s why I came up with the title, as a fair warning.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…9 Benefits of Bidding on Adrian’s Referrals

  3. Yeah it really caught me too. I thought it was NOT at all blogging.
    By reading and contributing we help each other to become a better person.
    Thanks for the idea. And keep up blogging I would say.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Remon! Yeah, blogging should help both the owner and the readers – through quality content – become better. But blogging is not for everyone, even if it’s so popular nowadays. On the other hand, nobody is a blogging expert when we first start, so if we don’t persevere we will never know good we can become or how much we can help.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Be Hungry!

  5. Tony Matyasovszky // February 10, 2017 at 4:26 pm //

    This has a lot of insight on blogging.I agree with all of the topics you discuss in this post. it is always important to maintain your personal blog if you want a lot of followers.

  6. Exactly Tony, keeping the blog updated with new quality content is perhaps a challenge for many. But the rewards follow. And rarely after the first few articles.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Never Quit

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