5 Ways People React To Adversity


Don’t you see the Christmas lights or hear jingle bells already, Adrian? What’s with this adversity talk? I see and hear them alright. Except adversity doesn’t seem to care about our holidays. This talk can be and should be very deep under the right guidance, but I’ll be shallow and relate to relatively recent events that affected a small number of people globally speaking, but many of us who have a connection with my blog.

Online roads are really bumpy. You found a nice cosy source of income. Then something shifts and that source is gone or diminished considerably.

You relied on that source of income online. It wasn’t much, but gave you something to do. And now you have all that time to do… nothing. You are disoriented. What next?

In face of adversity and disorientation, people react in different ways:

1. Do Nothing / Play the Lottery

Let’s start with the easiest and worst reaction of all.

There will be people who will do nothing in face of adversity and simply blame others and go bitter over time. If they don’t accept help to improve themselves and their situation, try to avoid them, they are a bad influence.

The variation for this category is people who play the remaining of their money in games of chance or get-rich-quick schemes hoping for the right alignment of stars.

2. Find Something That Works For Them and Keep Doing It

This is the first reaction (and consistent plan) that can get you out of trouble.

When your morale is down, it’s not the best idea to jump into the hardest task on your list. Your low morale will prevent you from doing a good job and will plunge even deeper because you couldn’t complete your task. And that’s a vicious cycle.

Instead, go easy, with a small task you usually ace. You’ll complete it with flying colors and boost your morale a bit. Repeat the process and boost it even more. Get the point?

3. Find an Alternative

So something shifted, failed, no longer works for you. When you look for an alternative, think long-term. Despite your immediate need, a solution that has a low sustainability on the long term will bring you in this exact situation as now sometime in the future.

4. Seek Advice and Help from Like-Minded People

You are part of a community, it is likely other people are or were affected by the same problems as you. See how they handle them, their solutions, their alternatives. Brainstorm to find solutions to current issues. Almost always more heads find better solutions when thinking together.

5. Take Power Actions

Very few will take this way. When adversity strikes, they strike back harder. They take mind-blowing, strategy-shifting decisions (or as I called them power actions), move mountains or bring mountains together. You’ve seen it recently, not sure if Paypal actions prompted or favored it, but AKH and KRM are merging, which any way you take it, is a huge deal for the niche they both represent.

Adversity creates Necessity which brings in Opportunity

Necessity becomes obvious to those affected by adversity (for example, if you forgot to fix the roof, it will be obvious at the next rain). But opportunity is not grabbed by all the persons affected by adversity (until the rain has done a lot of damage at least, which is already too late, to continue with the previous example).

If something is gone, you have a clean slate, which is an opportunity to start over. And to avoid many of the mistakes of the past.

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5 Comments on 5 Ways People React To Adversity

  1. Patsy j Payne // December 13, 2016 at 6:41 pm //

    Very Interesting and ON Target. It is difficult to think long-term when an unanticipated events that interfere with online earning (like paypal issue)
    When you look for an alternative, think long-term…

  2. Gary K Waters // December 14, 2016 at 2:21 pm //

    Good article as usual.

    The back story to this that no one in the industry saw coming, of course, PayPal.
    If one puts their eggs in one basket and it breaks… we all know what happens1!

    Who is to blame for this latest disaster? PayPal, the many online businesses that depended on them, or the industry itself for not policing itself when scams run rampant because of so many people willing to be sucked in by the chance to live the dream. History is repeating itself in the name of Payza; a Chinese company who wants every bit of information they can use to suck your personal bank accounts dry.
    What, me worry! as my friend Alfred E Neuman used to say. Not me. Not now. Not ever.
    I will never deal with a corrupt country for my business. Why not use a real credit card service, it may cost a few cents more, but in the long run I doubt will disappear. At least diversify and use a few on shore providers for your much needed transactions. Do some research before leaping wildly into another fire!

  3. Actually, recent events most in the TE niche experienced with Paypal are just a pretext for this article. You made some valid points, thank you for expressing your concerns with such verve! Glad to see you back, Gary!

    I have to slightly disagree with you on the “corrupt country” part. Not with that statement itself, but with the fact that everyone wants to do business with the Chinese. Private companies and countries alike.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Adrian’s Interviews: Read the Mind of John Novak!

  4. Yeah it is hard to teach your downline to do as you do.Some I ask have you did this yet I don,t even get an answer back from them.I have my main sites I go in everyday.It has been hard to get to all of them lately working 6 days a week and handing family life.As Adrian said you got a problem go to your upline is how I got to where I,m .I can remember when I didn,t even know what affiliate was and didn,t even know to check for that,now I check for my referrals at every site I do and I bookmark them so I can stay ACTIVE.

  5. Thanks for sharing John, stay the course!

    Your comment is probably valid in general, but certainly in adverse conditions newbies would be the first to give up, especially if they have no one to guide or encourage them through, like their referrer to the program, support staff or even the owner.

    This should actually be added to the blog post, as a new point: seek help from your sponsor, support or program owner.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…PTC Clasics: Neobux & Clixsense – Comparative Review

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