9 Benefits of Bidding on Adrian’s Referrals

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Are you trying to build your own team here at Adrian’s Hub, but have trouble bringing in new people? Bidding for the referrals in my downline might be the solution you’re looking for.

To access this new feature, go to ‘Bid for Adrian’s Refs’ in your Affiliate Hub menu, after you log in. Activate your Private Hub first, if you haven’t already.

I don’t like using this expression at all, but… What’s in it for you, if you win any of the auctions for my referrals?

1. You get the referral!

Would you have guessed that? :) You obviously get the referral on auction if you win the bidding, with all the benefits that result from that (immediate and on the long term). It is all up to you and to your available tokens how much you bid or raise for each referral. You might want to consider buying some more tokens when there is a special offer at log in, to increase your stock.

2. I do all the work for you!

I promote Adrian’s Hub intensely, after all I am directly interested to grow my site. People joining using the direct link, without a referral id, also land in my downline. As the owner, I do have additional income streams generated by Adrian’s Hub, that’s why I’d rather “activate” my own referrals in the downlines of regular affiliates. Even if you don’t have to promote or convince people to join Adrian’s Hub to win a referral bidding, I greatly appreciate when you bring in your own referrals.

3. Auctions can get competitive. They help with referral contests too.

We all love competitions, and earning a top member in the auction can be extremely advantageous, both by increasing your chances to win the referral contest, and for the affiliate bonuses down the road.

4. You can see the stats and even talk to my referral before bidding or raising

Past results don’t guarantee future activity, but seeing how someone has performed in the past on our site, is way better than not knowing anything about a potential referral.

Do you want to contact a person you’d like to have in your downline? If they share contact information (like social media), you’re one click away!

Now, let’s look at the benefits following from being on auction.

1. Bid champions get bonus prizes from me

By bid champions, I mean those referrals who were very popular choices (or received high bids) in the auctions. And it’s only fair to reward them as well. The reward is undisclosed and may differ from case to case. No offense if you don’t get anything, this will be my subjective appreciation.

2. This can be fun ;) And empowering.

It can be fun and empowering to watch how others bid to get you in their downlines. Well, unless the interest isn’t as high as you might have expected. But that also tells you something, doesn’t it? Your reputation and activity on Adrian’s Hub will surely incentivize people to want you in their downlines…

3. If you can’t decide…

If you don’t have one friend in particular you’d like to join with, or it’s hard to make up your mind, this will eliminate the dilemma.

4. You get a sponsor who can help you

Generally, being in the downline of an active sponsor is much better than having an inactive upline or even the owner. Savvy affiliates will take great care of their downlines.

5. You get a lot of exposure

Most people interested in bidding will want to know more about you, your site or blog if you have one, what you promote (‘your picks’, spotlight ads, banners, blog reviews), will look at your previous stats with Adrian’s Hub (cash won, prizes won, reward points earned). Some may want to contact you first, which is a great way to connect and this may be your breakthrough if you don’t usually initiate contacts.

If anyone from my downline doesn’t want to appear in the auctions, these are your options (before you are featured on the current auction!):

– if you know the referral id (or the affiliate link) of a friend and you’d like to be moved to his or her downline, contact support, with your referral id and your friend’s referral id and we’ll make the change at no charge and no questions asked
– if you want to see all the potential sponsors you can choose from, if they are active and how many referrals they currently have, you can ‘Choose Your Sponsor’ from the Affiliate Hub, but it costs 100 tokens to have access to the information.

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