97or3: Success Awaits Around the Corner!

97 or 3: A Different Kind of Sales Funnel

I haven’t wrote a review about one of the products I use and have confidence in for a while. So maybe it’s time.

We take decisions every day. Some attempts we make will be successful, some won’t meet our expectations and others will be complete failures. That shouldn’t discourage us, quite the contrary.

97or3 is a new business, less than a month old. In the title I included one of the subject lines I used when marketing this product. And I think it suites 97or3 very well.

Let’s see why success awaits around the corner.

With 97or3.com you have easy to understand guidance and steps to follow depending on your personality and level as a marketer.

Free members get:
– access to 10 income streams
– 15% commissions from the upgrades of their downline at 97or3.

Upgraded members (one-time payment) get:
– access to 10 income streams + 1 endorsed network marketing opportunity (Isagenix)
– 50% commissions from the upgrades of their downline at 97or3.
– huge traffic to their 97or3 affiliate link (free and for life).
– their links presented to their downlines for all 10+1 income streams
– free and for life promotion of the business of their choice (as a 125×125 banner or text link, very visible).

Both free, but mostly upgraded members have access to different markets, the chance to meet new people (or future business partners), that might have complementary skills.

97or3 was launched recently and both co-owners are successful in their respective niche.

And if you need more assurance to be convinced, here’s a quote from a recent newsletter:

Major Offline Ad Campaign Starting Oct, 18th:

We are running our first major targeted ad campaign that will go out across the nation in an offline publication. This campaign targets “work from home” opportunity seekers and will run for an entire month.

How many online businesses do you know that run targeted campaigns in national offline publications?

If you find it difficult to think of such businesses or you like the company 97or3 will be in once taking this step, maybe it’s time to get on board!

To Your Success,

Adrian Gurgui
Owner of adrianshub.com
Upgraded member at 97or3

PS: There’s an awesome special offer to join (upgrade recommended and rewarded accordingly) 97or3 in my downline.

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