About Me

Who am I?

In the labyrinth of life, we are often defined by our experiences and actions.
Lacking a better understanding of who I am, I’ll also go that road and tell you a bit about myself through my experiences’ perspective.

I do know a thing or two about computers and software since I have a background in the area. Years ago, I worked in different environments, from the small company to the large corporation. Also taught at the university for a short while before moving into software development. I met very interesting and cool people and learned a lot from every experience.

What seemed to be my career as a software developer was abruptly interrupted by a harsh time in my personal life (health issues). As great challenges are thrown at us from time to time, it’s not easy to pick yourself up from the floor when you are down. This was also my case for a while. But it is imperative to move on when we are down… Or we’ll be stuck in the past with very little prospects of moving forward. There isn’t a universal method for overcoming life adversities. What worked for me was accepting what happened and building back up confidence little by little. Help and understanding from people surrounding us are truly important in these situations.

Let’s move on then! I have always been interested in the financial world. I was an active and quite successful investor, but changed my approach when the crisis came. While it is an exciting world, there are times when markets are so wild that your investments are just gambles and it would take a really long time to return to profitability. So, I preferred to use my knowledge to track down and report on certain deals happening in North American markets, and I did that for a few years on a daily basis as a part-time job.

Ok, what about my experience with online businesses? I first started looking for online opportunities sometime at the end of 2009, through the French market. I don’t think there’s a stone left unturned there for me, from junk to quality advertising platforms. And I learned a lot during that time, experience which helps me in my current online endeavors. After about two years, because of a somewhat language barrier and the market size limitations, I decided to look more globally.

That’s how I stumbled upon the major PTCs in the industry, shortly after the largest traffic exchanges, a few mailers, and so on.

Since October 2014, I launched Adrian’s Hub, which as the name says, it’s the flagship of my online activity.

That’s about it so far! Feel free to check out what I’m currently doing online or contact me through skype, twitter or the contact at Adrian’s Hub. I surely would enjoy hearing from you!


Hoping to see you around,

Warm Regards,

Owner AdriansHub.com

Adrian Gurgui
Creator AdriansHub.com