How Does Adrian’s Hub Team Cash Bonus Pool System Work?

The Team Cash Bonus Pool system is not so new to Adrian’s Hub, but I don’t see many members taking advantage of it.

A team at Adrian’s Hub means a sponsor and his / her direct referrals. As a referral (team member), you can earn good cash if you have a good sponsor (team leader). By the way, you can be both a team member and a team leader at the same time. This may seem strange to those who are used to see teams and affiliate structures separately. At Adrian’s Hub, they work together. A member is a team member of his sponsor but is also the team leader of his own team of direct referrals.

In the infographic below, Steve is the team leader of the team which includes Mary. Mary is also a team leader for her own team, which includes Scott, Emily and Ryan. But this infographic primarily describes how the Team Cash Bonus Pool system works. Let’s see:

Team Cash Bonus Pool System Infographic
So, what does the picture above tell us in short? For every purchase you make on Adrian’s Hub you receive the service or bonus you actually bought, PLUS up to %20 of your purchase cost returned to your team’s cash bonus pool, which you can use to reward your referrals (and only for that purpose). Besides the affiliate commission for your sponsor, of course.

Any team leader of Adrian’s Hub has a reminder on the dashboard if he has unused funds in his team cash bonus pool which he can share with the team. This can also be checked directly from the Affiliate Hub -> Your Referrals menu. Remember! Any member with referrals is a team leader. And also a team member for the team of his sponsor.

A few tips about the Team Cash Bonus Pool system:

For team members:

  • if you don’t know what are the requirements to qualify for a bonus from your sponsor’s team cash bonus pool, contact him
  • team cash bonus pool is always empty if I’m your sponsor, because I don’t buy anything on my own site. But any referral in my downline can choose a different sponsor without any restrictions.

For team leaders:

  • if you want a more active team, make sure your team knows about:
    • the cash bonus pool
    • your requirements (examples: easy one: be active at Adrian’s Hub; more difficult one: upgrade at Adrian’s Hub)
    • potential cash rewards from the pool
    • if you reward team members who qualify by rotation, to keep the bonus higher

If you have any questions or comments on the Team Cash Bonus Pool system, I’d like to hear them. If you’re the private kind, email or Skype me.

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