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Adrian GurguiI have the pleasure and honor to have a special guest for Adrian’s Interviews today. Nick Grimshawe is the publisher of Beautiful Summer Morning, a workshop facilitator for dream building, abundance and daily practice, and a life coach.
He also publishes an internet marketing blog on and owns the best membership coaching site for ClickTrackProfit called Learn With Nick. Thank you for being at Adrian's Interviews, Nick!

Nick GrimshaweThank you so much for inviting me. I’m thrilled and honored to do this since I am a big fan of what you’ve done with Adrian’s Hub. You’ve created something unique and that is one of those qualities I value highly.

Adrian GurguiI so appreciate it Nick! Here's my first question: What came first for you: your interest in dream building, abundance and daily practice or internet marketing and affiliate programs? Anything before those you'd like to mention?

Nick GrimshaweWhat really came first was this great book called How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael J Gelb. I’d probably read other personal development books before that, but this is the first one that grabbed my heart.
The book opened me to all the worlds you mentioned in your question: Dream building, abundance, daily practice and , of course , we are talking Da Vinci here, journaling.
There’s no way to exaggerate the huge impact of that book on my life.
It was the source of everything that followed including internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

Adrian GurguiWho do you consider to be the mentor (or mentors) with the greatest influence on you for life or dream building?

Nick GrimshaweCoach Steele and his tough as nails course, Tools to Life, which is sadly no longer available, who demonstrated to me that I had all the tools within me to succeed.
Dan Millman, Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer and Joe Dispenza who showed me I created my world and thus disqualified myself as a victim. Each of them wrote a book that help me discover my own spiritual path.

On the marketing side:

Jon Olson who hammered into my head each day, not to quit, to stand out, to do video, do be a purple cow, to fail and get back up again.
And Matthew Graves for his vast store of knowledge, wisdom and his amazing ability to teach.

I know I’m leaving people out but these people have had the greatest impact on me and to each of them I cannot say how grateful I am for their mentorship, intentional or otherwise.

Adrian GurguiOn the front page of Beautiful Summer Morning you state and I quote "I was 57 years old before I discovered my life purpose: To Inspire Others.". I am one of the people you inspired years ago, and you still do. How did you discover your life purpose? Was it a sudden experience—you just woke up one day and you knew? Or it became clear in time for you?

Nick GrimshaweDiscovering my life purpose was a magical epiphany. I have Franklin Covey to thank for getting me there.
To make a long story short, at the end of 2005 I was in the mythical dark night of the soul, looking for a way out. At the time I wasn’t happy with my day job, or the general direction of my life.
I needed to find a way to become more productive at work so towards the end of the year I picked up a day planner from them. When I got it home I found a CD inside which took me through the steps to find my
mission statement.
I don’t remember much about the questions except that what they fed back to me from my answers were word phrases and images. And when I read them I found myself back in a scene from my childhood when I was about 11 or 12 years old.
It was a sudden moment of clarity, when I knew that all life was potential, that I created my day. That my day was a series of potentialities that I could choose and mold.
Because I remembered vividly that moment, early in a beautiful summer morning, you can see the logical outcome.
It came with this flash of purpose, to inspire others to see that world of possibility before them.

Adrian GurguiYou are a Canadian. Recently, you had an audacious project or goal that you accomplished. To temporarily move and live in Panama during Canadian winter months. That’s warmer for sure, but also has many potential limitations even a temporary move to a different country implies. And you did it! I must confess I thought you wouldn't go for it, but I only saw this goal with my own eyes. You already shared many experiences from your endeavors in your emails and blog posts. Anything you'd like to add here?

Nick GrimshaweYes. If you set a goal, and then take action one small step after another, it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are you will reach that goal.
I knew no one when I arrived. When I return to Canada later this month I leave behind many wonderful new friends.

Adrian GurguiYou mentioned on several occasions that you love to write. Do you think it's a necessary quality to be a blogger? Or even in the relationship with your list of subscribers?

Nick GrimshaweThat’s a great question Adrian.
Yes but in these terms: You don’t have to consider yourself a good writer. That’s not what gets the words written.
It is a passion to express that which is inside you screaming to get out. If you get out of the way of your head, and just write, you can accomplish a lot more than those with a degree in writing or journalism.
Perhaps it is better to say to blog you need to have a passion to communicate something vital to you, to others.
As you build that relationship with your readers, or your list, it’s about finding a way to tell a story about yourself that finds a spark in them. It’s a huge challenge, but then that’s what makes it so exciting.

Adrian GurguiBut a frequent writer (even on a blog) also needs topics. Do you have writer's block? How do you get over it?

Nick GrimshaweI’ve been writing my Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter for over ten years now. Usually once a week every week of each year. When I miss a week its my schedule not writer’s block.
There have been a few times when it’s been tough, but that’s when habit kicks in and you just keep going.
I think writer’s block happens when you’re not feeding your mind with every kind of inspiration you can find.
My prescription, if you will, if you’re feeling blocked, is to get inspired, crazy inspired. These days we have so many avenues to inspiration you have no excuse.

Adrian GurguiYeah, I have a list of topics prepared for when I don’t feel inspired. I keep refreshing it during moments of inspiration. Probably related to the previous question, I know you practice journaling. Now, this can be by itself the subject of an interview, and maybe we can do that in the future. But maybe you could leave a few clues for those interested.

What are the benefits of journaling? When do you write in your journal? What do you journal about?

Nick GrimshaweI think that’s twenty question Adrian.
I’m anal about daily routines.
I journal just after breakfast, after I’ve read for about half an hour and just before I go to bed at night. So at 8 am in the morning and 9:30 at night.
What do I journal about? Things I’ve read, difficulties I’m experiencing, what’s inspiring me, all the amazing things going on on this planet right now.
I ask lot of questions especially about my projects, areas where I feel stuck. Asking a good question automatically starts your brain searching for a solution.
At night it’s very specific. What three things did I learn today? What three wins did I have today? And what are my three most important goals for tomorrow?
If you journal it doesn’t really matter what form you use. I’m still a colored pencils and blank pages guy.

Adrian GurguiVery powerful indeed. Do you have a project you'd like to tell us more about?

Nick GrimshaweYes.
Learn with Nick is a tired old man who needs rejuvenation badly, I haven’t quite figured out what that will look like yet but it’s on tap to complete this year. I’m very excited about what it can evolve into.
When I created Learn with Nick my goal was to help people struggling to find their way around a big site like Click Track Profit. It still fills that function, but in the meantime I’ve changed, CTP has changed, so it might just be an update, or I create something entirely new.
And I am in the middle of a total redesign of
It’s a bigger job than I imaged. It’s more challenging than I imagined, but I need to take it to the next level.
And there is a book in me that hasn’t yet found it’s way out.
Those and other projects will keep me going for a few years.

Adrian GurguiThat was awesome, Nick! We have a ton of valuable content for our readers. Thank you again for being with us today!

Nick GrimshaweIt’s been a pleasure.

What can you take home from my interview with Nick Grimshawe? Here are a few key points:

  • reading books had a strong impact on Nick Grimshawe, as they would on anyone
  • the right mentors will tell you what you’re doing wrong and how it should be done
  • “If you set a goal, and then take action one small step after another, it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are you will reach that goal.”
  • “[…] to blog you need to have a passion to communicate something vital to you, to others”
  • When you journal “asking a good question automatically starts your brain searching for a solution.”

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  2. Thank you for accepting it, Nick! I loved your answers. I have plenty of other questions, from a different angle or maybe a topic more in depth, maybe subject of a future interview. As for the process, I’m leaning too, fine tuning it with each new interview.
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