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If you have been surfing traffic exchanges or used viral mailers for some time, it is unlikely you missed Lucie Bellemare’s ads. Let’s meet her and see how you can have impressive results in online business without being a program owner.

Enjoy and learn from it!

Adrian GurguiThank you, Lucie, for accepting this interview! For starters, would you give our readers a little background about yourself, outside of the virtual world? What do you like to do when you’re not online? And how is your life balanced between the two worlds?

Lucie BellemareThank you, Adrian, for this interview!

Before I became interested in the many possibilities offered by the Internet, I studied to become a translator. I got a Bachelor’s Degree in the early 90s, and subsequently worked for three years for the New Brunswick government. I then came back to my native Quebec and started a 20-year career as a freelance translator.

When I’m not online, I play sports (hockey and basketball in the winter, and golf in the summer). I also enjoy reading novels, listening to music and watching movies.

What I like about working online and being my own boss is that I can do all kinds of activities at any time of the day, and I work around my schedule, a few hours here and there, or I can also spend the whole day at my computer when I have nothing else planned for the day (which happens mostly during the winter). Summer is particularly busy offline for me, so it is a little bit more difficult to keep up with all the things I want to accomplish in my business. LOL! But I really enjoy the flexibility I get by working from home.

Adrian GurguiWhen did you start searching the internet for online earning opportunities? Why?

Lucie BellemareI’m not sure how I started exactly, but it was around 1999. And when I realised it was possible to earn money on the Internet, I thought it would be a good thing to have a sideline like this as a safety net, because you never know when you will be out of work.

Adrian GurguiLooking back, how was it when you first began? What excited you and what brought you down in your first steps?

Lucie BellemareAround 1999, I discovered newsgroups and forums where people were joining programs and posting their link one after the other, like a downline building chain reaction, and I remember the excitement when new programs were released!

I joined my first traffic exchanges around 2002, started building my downlines in them, but thought that these programs would not last, who would be interested in viewing other’s offers just to show theirs, right? How wrong I was! Now, I wish I had sticked to that. Instead, I tried a lot of other things, including ClickBank products in Google Adwords, but ended up losing more money than I was making. I bought courses that I tried to implement, with little to no success. I then came back to TEs a few years later and joined TEProfits, but splash pages for this program were already everywhere, so it was hard to make a breakthrough. But I really liked TEs, so I continued using them.

Adrian GurguiYou have your own blog and a 8-step system to succeed with traffic exchanges. How did you start with each of them?

Lucie BellemareI started my blog in February 2009, and I was disciplined enough in that first year to keep posting every now and then. But I became a little bit lazy about updating it in subsequent years. It may also be because I have better results with my other activities, so that leaves less time to post articles. I always tell myself that I will start posting more regularly, but then I always end up doing other things! LOL!

Then in early 2010, I found the 8-step system, and I knew that it was what I wanted to do. The first 8 months or so, I used the system exactly as I had received it from my sponsor. However, it was a lot more complicated than it needed to be, so I decided to host it for my downline members to make it easier, and I streamlined it a little. And I never looked back!

Adrian GurguiCan you explain us what your 8-step system is? What would a new member expect to gain by using it?

Lucie BellemareI have a squeeze page that I’m promoting for this system. It is the same page as when I first started in 2010, LOL!. However, I update the referral screenshot on that page once or twice per month to show my current results. I’m getting results like that daily.

When people fill out the form, they are taken to Step 1 so they can start setting up their system. The main benefit is getting a steady stream of referrals. It is very effective and converts very well. It is also comprehensive, and users can get referrals in all the featured programs by promoting just one link. They are also building their list in the process, which is very important, as everyone knows. They can then interact with their list whenever they want and promote other products.

Surfers who find it difficult to get referrals every day will be happy with the results they get when they start using this system!

Adrian GurguiHow were your expectations when you first conceived and started the system compared to what you realized with it by now? What do you see for it, going forward?

Lucie BellemareWhen I first started using this system, I immediately started getting more results (more referrals) than I ever had before. So naturally I continued to use it! Little by little, my downlines grew, and I started getting commissions. Over time, my results increased and started to have a snowball effect.

Going forward, I will continue using it, because it is still as effective as ever. From time to time, I add new programs that are giving me good results and I remove programs that go offline or that become less effective. So I keep the system current for maximum efficiency.

Adrian GurguiCorrect me if I’m wrong. I see you promote almost exclusively your 8-system in many places throughout traffic exchanges, mailers, lead generation systems etc. How important is to focus in your online business, advertising, niche?

Lucie BellemareWhen I started using this system, it was so effective that I dropped everything else and started focusing on it exclusively. It was a very good move, and I still focus 95% on it today. The other 5% are mostly 2 or 3 other squeeze pages that are also used to build my list and funnel subscribers to my 8-step system, although a little more indirectly than with my main squeeze page. These other pages are used in advertising sources where I don’t have very good results with my main squeeze page, or where I have lots and lots of credits to spend.

To have any success online, it is very important to focus on one thing. Otherwise, your advertising efforts are diluted and have less impact.

Adrian GurguiAnything else you’d like to add in closing? It’s been a privilege to have you here!

Lucie BellemareWhatever you do online or offline, be sure it is something you are passionate about. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will never feel like you are working!

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