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What?? Be hungry?! Yes, just not that growing sensation in our bellies or worse, famine. Other types of hunger will have a positive impact on your determination, desire, focus, will to grind and so on.

Let me share a story with you. A few days ago I went on a round trip to Bucharest with some personal issues. I traveled by train. On the way to Bucharest I tried to sleep, because it was during the night. I guess the two ladies sitting in front of me had a different agenda, because they kept talking to each other.

I couldn’t help overhearing what they talked about. They both work abroad and have been for years. In fact, they were both on their way to work right then. They didn’t work in the same country or met each other before, from my understanding, but they took the opportunity to exchange experiences.

Now, what drove them to look for work abroad? It was a certain type of hunger, and it doesn’t have anything to do with food. They simply wanted a better life for themselves and their families, and looked for ways to improve it.

Personally, I wouldn’t have done that. Although I visited several European countries and generally liked what I saw as a tourist, it never crossed my mind to physically move abroad in search for work. Luckily, location becomes irrelevant in many cases in our globalized world, and I’ve been working as a freelancer for a New York City company for years now. Probably matters that my options were and are limited due to illness, but the opportunity is there for anyone.

But let’s return to the story. On my way back from Bucharest, a big fellow was sitting in front of me. The trip is long, so at some point he initiated the conversation. He talked very slowly, taking long pauses every few words to think what to say next. He was also on his way home, to his daughter’s wedding. He works hundred of miles away from home and has done so for some time already. The need for his particular type of job in infrastructure building brought him to many different places in our country. He had a different kind of job years back, but the business he worked for closed.

We may like or not some facets of globalization. But it is here and everywhere and unlikely to disappear. We might as well learn to stop fearing it and use it for our own progress. There are no borders to globalization, that’s why I think closing off borders (i.e. Brexit) will do more harm to people inside than to those outside. Plus, anyone hungry enough will find a new way to reach the destination.

Funny thing about hunger though. It never goes away. Once filled, it transforms, metamorphoses into something else, a different kind of hunger. That’s why when you satisfy a hunger for someone, they will still be hungry. If you point them in the right direction and give them access to basic tools, those hungry enough will find the way to feed themselves. And most importantly, gain the knowledge and skill to feed their future hungers.

And one more thing. You will understand hunger better when you are hungry too. There are many types of hunger you would certainly appreciate and want in your life:

  • for knowledge
  • creative hunger
  • for independence
  • to serve your community
  • for success or, more applied,
  • hunger for trophies

Hungry people surpass limitations and restrictions, their own or imposed, and if their hunger is on the positive side, it’s a great asset to have. Are you hungry enough?

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4 Comments on Be Hungry!

  1. Adrian. Wow. Great article. I love the points you make and your stories that illustrate your topic especially about globalization. Isn’t it awesome the we know each other and respect each other and live thousands of miles apart and that distance doesn’t hinter us building a relationship, friendship even. I’m blown away when I truly think about how many friends I have all over the world. It batters down those silly border things that seem to have less and less importance.

    I agree UK moved in the wrong directions, pulling in instead of boldly reaching out.

    Love your stories, love your articles, keep on doing this awesome work.


  2. Thank you Nick, I’m honored to call you my friend and grateful we can have strong relationships with people all around the world. A fact is clear in my mind, and by all indications in the minds of many people: we are way past the industrial society, where a person can hold a job at the same factory until he retires. Now the workforce is mobile and the internet makes the distances disappear. We’re strongly moving into a society based on connectivity, of networking.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Adrian’s Interviews: Bounce Back from Failure with Gary K Waters

  3. Gary K Waters // October 20, 2016 at 1:56 pm //

    Great insight into others. As a writer you hunger for what is going on around you, so you keep your eyes and ears open to find a story. Being a writer though your hunger is never satisfied; if it is you’re done.
    I thirst for knowledge and have a hunger to write so I get my liquids too!

  4. Great observation Gary! As a writer (or any creative person for that matter), if you are no longer hungry, then it’s all over. Your inspiration is gone.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…7 Ways to Summon and Capture Your Inspiration

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