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This is a special bonus won by Patsy j Payne in our contest.

Instead of writing a review, I asked and Patsy agreed to answer a few questions about Beginners and Winners, the team she leads on Click Track Profit. So, here we go:

How long ago did you start Beginners and Winners? Did you have any previous experience leading teams?

Was one of the first teams … Yes, team leader experience both online and in offline communities.

When you created the team, why did you do it? What was your goal?

Goal: a couple of friends asked me to create the team so I did. Goal at that time was simple: to have fellowship and compete at the lower levels below 20… Primary goal was to TEACH newbies how to negotiate CTP and share links with each other…

Goal had changed last season to TOP Ten and stay above some teams like Wealth Builders and then Uber Surfers. As a team that doesn’t surf millions and millions every day, I think we are doing very good. We are competing by our brains not just surfing fingers…

What were the most challenging moments as a leader of Beginners and Winners?

At this moment are members of our team that are non-communicative… Also, discovering what rewards the team members want?

How do you think the team environment has helped our team members?

OH MY… let me think!
Many have taught us new things/techniques and we have taught them… Our sharing environment is helpful…
Sharing, encouragement of all members… Acknowledgement of individual contributions.

You mentioned earlier that goals have changed in time, to more ambitions ones. Do you see the team grow even more?

I do and yet am realistic… There are a few teams that are highly competitive. We are however limited (BY CHOICE). God, Family then team and I DO NOT WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY…

Anything else you’d like to add in closing?

Compete and HAVE FUN, set goals … COMUNICATE!
Thank you for the interview!

Thank you, Patsy, for accepting the interview!

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