Add More Value Or Adjust Prices?

August 19, 2017 // 0 Comments

I’ve seen a little debate about the best course of action to take when the industry a business operates in is in a tough spot: add more value or adjust prices? This is not a new debate, of course, and both sides have good arguments. On one side, if you add more value, you improve your product, your competitiveness and have a long-term approach. But you must afford to go through a longer period of time with limited sales, if the whole industry sinks. If you can do that, in the end you’ll surface toughened. On the other side, if you want to sell more when others don’t, especially if you have cash flow issues, you need to go with the market to survive the short term shock waves. But on the long term, without adding more value or tapping into new markets, any business or business model is doomed. Supporters of adding more value without adjusting prices say by lowering the prices you diminish the perceived value of the product or service, plus it will be much more difficult to raise the prices to previous levels, once the crisis is over. This may be true, but it’s also irrelevant if you fight to stay in business for the next few weeks or months. When prices readjust throughout an entire industry, it may be a great opportunity even for a solid business to reevaluate their own prices and the sales they made with each product or service. This is also a chance for limited offers and temporary price discounts (like a summer discount I have for banners on Adrian’s Hub). It is also a great time to push hard for adding something of value to your business, and some do take such opportunities. I will also release my new add-on […]

new add-on tease

New Add-On Tease Plus Reward

August 10, 2017 // 25 Comments

I’ve been working lately on a new add-on to Adrian’s Hub which is now close to completion. A tool which can help anyone committed to improving their results and becoming more effective on the long run, regardless of their industry or personal interest in using it. Hmm, for a tease I said too much already… :) I can also say the new add-on will become available to our members within the next two weeks and it will be free to use by any member of Adrian’s Hub. However, upgraded members will benefit of improvements not available to free members, at the same upgrade cost as before the add-on release. But let’s go one step further. Here are two blurred captured images of the new add-on “in action”: Do you have any idea what the new add-on is about? What it will actually do? Feel free to try your best guess in the comments below! If any of our members guesses, he or she will have 20 VIP points from me, which is huge! :) I mean the first one who guesses.

main contest

Glimpse at Our Main Contest

August 5, 2017 // 0 Comments

The 11th edition of our main contest just ended yesterday, and I thought it is about time to bring it back to spotlight on the blog too. All the merits for this longevity of the competition is reserved to our members who love it. Many thanks and congratulations to our participants and winners throughout the time! The main contest has been with Adrian’s Hub since nearly the beginning and is still one of the main attractions for our members. Since Adrian’s Hub started, I have paid out 1,200 US dollars (1,199.77 to be exact). There are exactly 5 ways to earn money on Adrian’s Hub: from affiliate commissions from prizes in contests as a bonus from your referrer to our site, usually for staying active for completing certain PTD offers by converting tokens to cash You can also earn non-cash prizes, plus indirect benefits from advertising, branding yourself, networking, building your own list, promoting your blog or social media accounts, which in some cases are more valuable than the direct earnings. At the top of this post I added a captured image of the final ranking from the end of our main contest (on the battle ground, there is also the training ground). If you read my blog often you know John Chapman created a challenge for new members and his referrals to pass him in the contest and he will reward them additionally by completing his PTD offer. I wrote about it last week. When he made the challenge John was first and pretty sure of his position I think. As you can see in the contest ranking above, he finished the contest second, after Jan Cabrera. I’m not sure if Jan already intended to have a strong end (he seems to like that) before John announced the challenge, […]

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New Members, Up to the Challenge?

July 29, 2017 // 6 Comments

Determination, small improvements and action can take you a long way, even if you have so many skills to improve on. When that is combined with a little bit of originality, that is a great recipe to work with. John Chapman is one of our members here at Adrian’s Hub. Not just “a member”, because he usually likes and wants to be on top of our contests. And, through consistent action over time, he usually is. Why am I talking about John today? Well, we have these advertisements called PTD (paid to do) offers at Adrian’s Hub, where a member is paid cash or tokens for completing a certain task, the advertiser proposes. John creates such offers often, but yesterday he surprised me. He practically created a challenge for new members of Adrian’s Hub or his own referrals (from my understanding it’s not a requirement to be in his downline, but maybe John will clarify that) to pass him in the main contest. If that happens, the member who does gets $2 from John for completing his PTD offer. I am still unclear if this challenge is for current contest only or goes on for future contests as well, until he takes down the offer. And what happens at the beginning of the contests, if it’s not for this contest only? Another thing that would be nice if John clarifies for us. The text of the offer should probably be updated to include answers to such questions. Otherwise, there is the following option, but not as many will take it. Our site allows members to ask questions to PTD advertisers about their offers, if they need answers not provided in the text of the offer. Contacting the advertiser first is the smart step to take before you attempt to complete […]

best traffic sources

Best Traffic Sources: Yours Same As Mine?

July 21, 2017 // 3 Comments

A common question being raised by online marketers of all levels is “Which are your best traffic sources?”. Everyone asks a perceived successful marketer what are his or her best traffic sources. But is that a good question? Or will the answer help YOU? I think that’s debatable. I am not a traffic expert, and for full disclosure not a marketing expert either, but I have a list of “best” traffic sources, which have worked better for me and the campaigns I ran. Would they work for you? I honestly have no idea. Before we can have a more informed answer to this question, let’s consider these elements of marketing: marketer product audience (type of) advertising campaigns time frame And now, let’s do a simple exercise. For the above elements, let’s add “same” in front of all elements but one (chosen at random), like in the example below. The one element without “same” should have “different” at the beginning: same marketer same product same audience different (types of) advertising campaigns same time frame So, how do we “read” the example above? If all conditions are exactly the same (marketer, product, audience and time frame), but we use different (types of) advertising campaigns — even if that means only different lead pages — we have different results for them. Some campaigns will work and some won’t, while all other elements remain the same. It means that if we choose to use different lead pages, some will convert better than others. It also means that if you use free and targeted paid per click traffic you will probably obtain different results for them. How do we translate the other possible situations? Here’s how: Two different marketers promoting the same product to the same audience and using the same type of advertising campaigns(?) […]

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