7 Simple Maintenannce Tips for Your Wordpress Blog

7 Simple Maintenance Tips For Your WordPress Blog

November 11, 2017 // 2 Comments

A fresh copy of a WordPress blog works so smoothly it seems it’s about to take off. Especially if you are already used to your own blog you have for months or maybe even years. Over time a WordPress blog grows bigger and becomes cluttered, which will slow it down. However, regular maintenance will keep your aged blog in a good condition. Here are 7 simple maintenance tips to keep your blog “in shape”: 1. Backup Regularly and Keep More Than One Version Recommended: Daily and Weekly. Unexpected and bad things happen when you have your own site. This is not a vague possibility, it’s a certainty growing stronger the longer you stay “in business”. Even if you have a tiny blog and you only post once a month, more or less. Since I have Adrian’s Hub from 2014, I changed three web hosting providers and was forced to use my backups more than once. So, having regular backups is not optional, not a matter of preference, but the first safety and maintenance tip you should implement. You should have daily backups if your hosting allows the option from cPanel (or using another tool for such a job). But that’s not enough. Let’s suppose your site gets corrupted and you only notice the day after it happens. Your daily backup will contain the corrupted version of the site, which is not useful to you. That’s why you should also make weekly backups. I don’t recommend that you keep these backups on the server for two reasons: you can lose access to the backup if the server fails or gets hacked, and the second less important, it takes up space. If you lose access to the server, you may or may not recover your backup, depending on your hosting provider, but […]

fake news

Fake News and Viral Content (Halloween Spook?)

October 27, 2017 // 0 Comments

Fake news existed, we have them today and there will be even more of an issue in the future, and it has little to do with who “invented” the term. I decided to tackle this subject while still relatively viral and before it becomes old news. Some of you might know I live in a country called Romania (huh! I know Halloween is mainly about witches, not vampires, but guess what? It’s the “birth place” of the legendary Dracula). If you look at the world globe (and you know where to look), you can hardly spot it. But when an uninspired reporter asked Bill Gates “What are you doing in a small country like Romania?” he quickly replied and emphasized: “You are not small!“. See the difference of perspective and perception? Less than 30 years ago and beyond there were no fake news in my country. There were official news. Sometimes true, but often times outrageously fake. So, if anyone has an interest to see the evolution of fake news, they should take a trip down the memory lane (or to the archives). In many corners of the world, including in my country, diversity of opinion is allowed, even encouraged. But what we witness nowadays is not diversity, it’s polarization. You’re either with us or against us. No middle ground, no moderate voice that can be heard (if we don’t count silent voices). Where will this go, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t look good, and history seem to support this probability. Now, how does it affect us working online? You probably heard people you look up to saying “Don’t watch the TV news, they are focusing on the negative!”. True and their focus on the negative is scientifically proven to increase their ratings. Some of us may have taken […]

your dream as a child

What Was Your Dream As A Child?

October 14, 2017 // 2 Comments

All children have dreams before most of them are shattered by their parents, teachers or other well intended persons. What was your dream as a child? Was it to be a doctor? An astronaut? A singer? Maybe a firefighter? How far are you today from your dream as a child? I’ll tell you mine, which were actually two. One of the classics, I wanted to be an explorer. Uhm, that didn’t go exactly as planned (meaning Jules Verne style — yup, I read all his books), but hopefully I still have some exploring spirit left. The other dream — don’t laugh, I will see you! — was to drive my own truck. Now, looking back, I tried to understand why I wanted to be a truck driver and I figured it out. At that early age, I thought a truck driver roams freely the roads he chooses, when he wants and where he wants. And in my vivid imagination, it was a very cool, high-tech truck, of course! Now, back to present-day the part with a truck couldn’t be further from the truth, I don’t even have a driver’s license (for any kind of auto-vehicle). Who doesn’t, you may think? Well, I’ve just raised my hand here and waving at you, but you can’t see it! The part with “free” and “high-tech” is much closer to the truth though. With a license in computer science and without a work situation that straps me to a location (although I usually work from home), that comes close to high-tech and free. Again, “slightly” different than my dream as a child and there’s much room for improvement, but the essence is there. Back to you. What was your dream in childhood? Was it to own your own business? If that’s true, 3 billion […]

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