Gradual Measures

July 16, 2018 // 0 Comments

Source We are all customers of some companies which provide certain continuous services to us personally, or to our businesses. When we think of such companies, we can rarely be happy. At some point, something usually happens that affects our relationship with one or the other of these companies, in a way that we are the party that suffers damages. So, at least I learned not to trust them 100%, regardless of how great their services seem. I leave aside the situations when such companies have monopolies or form cartels to control the market. In many cases there is competition and customers can truly change the service providers. That should make them more attentive to their customers and their needs. Companies which offer continuous services which can be potentially for the long term, usually have a low margin of profit, but they base their business model on a large and relatively stable customer base. Under these circumstances, especially if the competition for customers from rival companies in the same niche is high, it makes no sense to treat the process leading to the final days of a cycle of a customer’s service lightly. Why risk losing a continuous source of income? What seems an appropriate course of action? 1. issue an invoice but do not let your customers know about it (expect them to simply remember the due dates or to come by your office or to log into your site to find out). 2. issue an invoice and contact the customers ONCE when the invoice is issued; if the due date expires without pay, suspend the service. 3. contact the customers a few days before issuing the invoice to remind them the service is about to expire; issue an invoice and contact the customers using the contact method of […]


Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

July 7, 2018 // 0 Comments

Source I don’t know what the definition of fitness is and I don’t care. I have my own definition for it: if you feel well in your own body (and mind), you’re not kidding yourself, and you’re continuously doing something to keep them well balanced, then you’re probably fit. Of course, that’s “fit” for an average guy, you are probably not fit to compete at the next Olympics. You might not be a pack of muscles either. I am not. But I hold an immense respect for the inscription found on the side of my high school and it’s simple meaning: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (that’s Latin for “Healthy mind in a healthy body”). You might not have guessed that if you had met me when I was in high school, but even then I thought the same way. Because I have a physical disability since birth and overprotective parents, I was excused from doing any sports in school. My first teacher was the smartest and he told my parents that I should take these classes for my own health, and if there’s anything I can’t do, I should just say and skip it. There wasn’t. He even commended me at some point in a parents meeting for my sports results, despite my problem. Future sports teachers took the motivation and didn’t really care. So I did nothing and I stopped caring. Although I never was and never will be an athlete, future life events determined me to take a closer watch on my health. And that includes my fitness, as I see it. It isn’t very easy. Both my parents are fat (although they sort of try not to be) and if I don’t take care both with nutrition and with fitness, I would be too. It’s a […]

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First Day of the Second Half of the Year

July 1, 2018 // 4 Comments

Source A reminder popped up earlier today to tell me it’s the first of the month and I should put in some stats for the previous month. Before I did that, I realized we are already half way through this year. It’s not very funny to look at the status of your goals at the deadline, if you missed them. I have to admit most of my half-year goals for 2018 are missed by a lot. :)

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