What Kind of Rewards Do You Prefer?

September 13, 2017 // 0 Comments

Rewards are something we all love, don’t we? But if much work or commitment is required to obtain the desired reward, then not so many will do what it takes, even if at the end awaits the prize we want. Think about it: how many give up on keeping a diet and working out, although the prize is to lose weight, look & feel better? how many never try this out but they would like the prize? Rewards are of different types, some easier to obtain others not so much. Some are offered to you in exchange for something, others you offer yourself, ideally also after you complete certain tasks, and not for nothing. Some rewards are explicit and quantifiable, you know exactly what they are and what you need to do to obtain them. Anyone who offers a reward will be explicit about it, telling people what they offer, how much and how it can be earned. Others are implicit and non-quantifiable, you just know that by consistently doing an action over an extended period of time, you will reap the rewards eventually. It may not be clear what the rewards are or when they will be tangible, but in most cases they are the best kind of rewards one can pursue and gradually obtain. Here’s an example of explicit reward: view an email, click on the credit link and you will get 10 credits. You know exactly what you need to do for your reward and it is very easy to obtain, in this case. Here’s an example of implicit reward: build your list and a great connection with your subscribers, and you will earn more money. It isn’t as simple or clear when you reached the point to claim your reward, isn’t it? However, between 10 credits […]

smart goals great goals

How to Set Out Great Goals?

September 9, 2017 // 2 Comments

Do you know how to set out great goals? We all set out goals even as children. We may have been pretty relentless in tracking some of them. Earning a few pennies here and there to buy something we really wanted, learning to pass an exam or to get a good grade, or taking the girl we liked out, these were important goals at the time. As adults we want a great family, kids, a great neighborhood, car, house etc. We might aim at certain jobs, salaries, club memberships, titles and so on. It’s likely you want to make money online or start a home-business online. And each of them is a big goal for you, if you want it. If you set out great goals, and how effective you are in pursuing them, well, that’s a big topic, and we’ll start today by unveiling what makes a goal great (for you). How should great goals look like? Specific. Don’t use general terms, be as specific as possible in your goal (especially for longer terms). Here’s an unspecific goal: I want to become a better online marketer. Here’s a specific goal: I want to become a better email marketer. “Email marketer” is more specific compared to “online marketer”. Measurable. Your goal’s progress and finalization must have a clear, non-subjective method of being measured and determined. Here’s a non-measurable goal: I want to add more subscribers to my list. Here’s a measurable goal: I want to add at least 100 more subscribers to my list. Do you notice the difference? “More subscribers” can mean 2 more. “at least 100 more” is measurable. You will see below being a measurable goal is still not enough. Attainable. Using the experience, means and resources available to you when you set the goal, it must […]

Your Goals Charts

How Your Goals Charts Work?

September 2, 2017 // 0 Comments

In our previous post, I told you that, with our new ‘Your Goals’ add-on our members can set out, prioritize, and track your goals’ accomplishment analyze the charts about the achievement of your previous goals improve your future goals both as a result of consistent goal setting and achieving, and from the insights discovered from the charts After describing Your Goals Tracker tool in our previous blog post, which takes care of the the first point of the list above, it’s now time to tell you about Your Goals Charts, which can be used to accomplish the next two points. Before we go to the analysis part, let’s take a few tiny steps. If you haven’t set out any daily goals yet using Your Goals Tracker (not today, not ever), here’s how your daily chart will look like this: You access Your Goals Charts after you log in your Private Hub, from ‘Your Goals Charts’ option in ‘Training & Tools’ menu. The 3 missed / unset goals represent the goals you will potentially miss out for today. Once you set out your first goal, the chart will look like this: It says “set out, without finality”, because you haven’t marked it as achieved or failed yet (before the end of term, which in this case is 3am New York time). Next, let’s see how the chart would potentially look next day, before any new goals for the next day are set out. Three more “unset / missed” goals are generated for the new day, before you set out the new goals. In the example above, for today I would have all three goals set, two of them achieved, and one, for exemplifying purposes, failed. I like to water the lawn, I find it relaxing, but it isn’t in my 3 […]

Your Goals Tracker Tool

How Does Your Goals Tracker Tool Work?

August 26, 2017 // 0 Comments

Two weeks ago I wrote a tease blog post about what the new add-on to Adrian’s Hub would be and a little guessing game followed. As expected, even with guidance, the guesses were usually really far from what the add-on is. With good reason, because it is an entire new direction I was going with the new add-on compared to what I had developed on Adrian’s Hub until then. If you haven’t seen yet what the new add-on is about, here’s how the new promo looks like: Together, the new tools, Your Goals Tracker and Your Goals Charts can help you set out, prioritize, and track your goals’ accomplishment analyze the charts about the achievement of your previous goals improve your future goals both as a result of consistent goal setting and achieving, and from the insights discovered from the charts Let’s elaborate on the first point. You can set out your current goals from daily up to yearly using Your Goals Tracker. Once a goal is set, you can mark it as achieved or failed. Of course, you should do that once you achieve it or after it becomes clear you won’t. If you don’t mark your goal either as achieved or failed before the term of the goal is due, it will automatically be marked as “set out, but without finality”. All current goals automatically reset when they are due, and only a record of their achievement is kept, to generate the charts. For example, daily goals reset at 3am New York time, weekly goals during Sunday night, monthly goals during the night before the 1st of the month etc. I use the tracker too, and I set my daily goals in the morning and mark them as achieved when it happens during the day or failed […]


Add More Value Or Adjust Prices?

August 19, 2017 // 0 Comments

I’ve seen a little debate about the best course of action to take when the industry a business operates in is in a tough spot: add more value or adjust prices? This is not a new debate, of course, and both sides have good arguments. On one side, if you add more value, you improve your product, your competitiveness and have a long-term approach. But you must afford to go through a longer period of time with limited sales, if the whole industry sinks. If you can do that, in the end you’ll surface toughened. On the other side, if you want to sell more when others don’t, especially if you have cash flow issues, you need to go with the market to survive the short term shock waves. But on the long term, without adding more value or tapping into new markets, any business or business model is doomed. Supporters of adding more value without adjusting prices say by lowering the prices you diminish the perceived value of the product or service, plus it will be much more difficult to raise the prices to previous levels, once the crisis is over. This may be true, but it’s also irrelevant if you fight to stay in business for the next few weeks or months. When prices readjust throughout an entire industry, it may be a great opportunity even for a solid business to reevaluate their own prices and the sales they made with each product or service. This is also a chance for limited offers and temporary price discounts (like a summer discount I have for banners on Adrian’s Hub). It is also a great time to push hard for adding something of value to your business, and some do take such opportunities. I will also release my new add-on […]

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