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Effective Way to Advertise in a Podcast?

February 21, 2018 // 0 Comments

I’ve never done a podcast in my life. I’ve never advertised in one either. But… I’m a consumer of podcasts (with an opinion). One of these days, I listened to a postcast from Seth Godin. Yes, you heard it right, Seth Godin now hosts a podcast show, where he talks about various subjects (with no guests). I’m a regular reader — and from now on listener — of Seth Godin’s blog (and now podcast). Hold on, I’m getting to my point. Mr. Godin has a sponsor for the podcast. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, many popular podcasts do. There is usually one or more sponsor ads inserted during any podcast. Some are pre-recorded, others have a script which is narrated by the host. In both cases, the message is usually the same throughout the podcast episodes, if it isn’t a one-episode sponsor. Pretty boring, if you are a regular listener! Seth Godin’s podcast show sponsor does things a bit differently. And I like it. Why? Because they didn’t stop at creating one advertisement for all episodes. Inside each ad they included a short tip, different at every episode, related to the business they are in, but interesting to more people. They also create expectation well, by splitting the message in two parts showed at different times in the podcast. Of course there are only two episodes out at the time I’m writing this blog post, but I’m optimistic. Seems like someone read and applies “Purple Cow”. Personally, since I started to understand more about marketing and advertising, I love to find great examples out there and obviously, I hate the opposite.