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TE ListBuilder Review

TE ListBuilder (formerly tePays) Review

November 4, 2017 // 6 Comments

In April 2016, a week after its launch I wrote a review for tePays. Now, one and a half years later and also about a week after relaunch, I renew my review on the updated tePays, now rebranded as TE List Builder. A Few Words About TEPays tePays was a pioneer in the traffic exchanges niche to implement an automated list building system while you referred people to the site. Its support for AWeber, Rocket Responder and TrafficWave autoresponders is still relatively wide for people involved in this niche, but there is information the owners are looking into the possibility to integrate GetResponse as well into TE ListBuilder. You could also have built your downlines in a few selected traffic exchanges and additional resources using tePays, as well as were offered 2 e-books, and, with the right upgrade, the possibility to re-brand them. All that is still here in the new version. The Logical Step Toward TE ListBuilder I write this second review knowing that tePays was very high in the top of the sites that paid me the most commissions since its launch, but also that this trend had slowed down significantly in the recent months. When a good site with good owners is launched it creates a hype of course. But if there is not much reason to return to the site, once everything is set up, the traction is soon lost because people will simply find other interests. I think in the revamped TE ListBuilder, owners Blain Jones and Shane Bost added value while at the same time focusing on ways to improve the engagement of members with the site and especially with each other. The new tasks, teams, internal messages and basic blogging functionalities will probably do just that. Members of ClickTrackProfit may find many of […]

5 reasons why you don't get more signups

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Get More Signups

June 3, 2017 // 3 Comments

After consistent sales, new signups relevant to our businesses is a strong goal for everyone in internet marketing. Here are five reasons why you don’t get more signups or maybe even none at all: You Give Up Too Easily or Don’t Care Enough Are you jumping from site to site, abandoning older sites in favor of newer and shinier ones? Are you losing interest after a week of promoting one product when no one signs up under you? Do you drive very low amounts of traffic to the business you promote and only every once in a while? Well, join the club, because 80% of internet marketers are. These are clear symptoms of giving up too easily or not caring enough about what you’re trying to accomplish to stay the course when 80% give up. None of us will break through even with a perfect product with such a mentality. You Don’t Use a Tracking System Do you still hear a message which is repeated to you exasperatingly often? Sometimes it is in your own best interest to keep listening and to take action, although your mind would happily ignore what seems to be noise. Time for you to read it again: Using a tracking system is crucial for your advertising results. It goes way beyond being a member of a tracking system which many advertisers who like simplicity use. You must track your links and banners, wherever you advertise. After the tracking data comes in, you need to analyze it and decide where you focus your advertising efforts and what traffic sources you stop using. You Ignore What Numbers Tell You You only decide based on emotional connection. Let’s say you use a tracking system for your links and banners. Why do you track them? To know traffic sources […]

Q&A by Adrian #3

Q&A By Adrian #3

May 26, 2017 // 2 Comments

I am always interested to know what the problems and challenges of people who try to earn an income online are. Sometimes, if I have more experience, I try to find answers to their problems. Here’s a an issue someone told me she has and I know many have the same problem as well. Question: I have a problem reaching payout in a timely manner. Any advice on how to resolve this issue?   Answer: That is a very common question. When you join a program you have a primary goal. It can be to earn money from it, or to use its’ services, or to learn something, or to network with other people and so on. You also have secondary goals from the list above, or others I have not included here. First of all, I haven’t reached payout at many of the sites I have joined over years. But in many cases reaching payout was not a goal for me at some of these sites. I’m not complaining either, I have received many commissions over time. I’m just trying to point out that sometimes you won’t reach payout at a site for various reasons: as I’ve said before, it may not be your goal, or you lose interest, or you haven’t paid attention to the ‘small print’, or the owner is not a monument of correctness, or the site disappears. But if none of the above is happening, here’s my answer: If one of your goals is to earn money from the site you join, directly — not by advertising another program, for example —, then make sure you know from the start what your payout options are and what limitations you may have before you cash out (including a threshold). It would be a great idea if […]

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