Q&A By Adrian #2: Branding

Q&A By Adrian #2

March 25, 2017 // 2 Comments

Sometimes we experiment, which is a great thing. I was a mess at chemistry in school, but I think we can safely use this analogy: in chemistry, for an experiment to work, you have to combine the right substances, in the right order, and leave each reaction enough time to take place. Sometimes it works, other times we have to retrace our steps to see what we did wrong or what we can tweak. That is perfectly valid in other areas of our lives where we have to experiment. Which bring us to the question for today. Question: I have heard many people talking about branding and how great it would be for me to use it online. Tried it and did nothing for me, I changed my picture and everything. So now I just use my old avatar. Was it my fault or branding doesn’t work?   Answer: First of all, you never really stop branding! Except, when you ‘stop branding’ and use an avatar, you now brand yourself as a faceless avatar, a pet, a comic, whatever, which is wrong. You can adjust your brand, if you feel the need to or if it no longer corresponds to your evolution, but, if possible, avoid these simple mistakes: don’t waste branding on pets, comics, etc. don’t brand someone else with your actions (for example you promote a site, but the picture/video of the owner shows up instead of yours) Secondly, brand doesn’t mean simply your picture, but let’s dwell on this particular component of branding. When you add your real picture — the sooner the better — or sometimes even when you update your old picture, you need to be everywhere, so that people will make a connection with the real you or “the new you” easier. Thirdly, and […]


How to Turn Your Activity to a Lead Magnet

April 19, 2016 // 2 Comments

There are many effective ways to grow your downline teams. One of them that’s practically automated is represented by the downline builders (many won’t produce any noticeable results though!). A fantastic example for a working downline builder is TEPays, which launched a few days ago and already created a lot of traction. But, surprisingly after the way I started this blog post, I won’t talk about classical donline builders or TEPays. You can, of course, build your downline team here at Adrian’s Hub and enjoy your affiliate rewards. And that’s only the beginning of what Affiliate Hub will become! Plus, you can win one of the cash prizes in our referral contest. But there’s more and that’s what I’m trying to get to in this article. Let’s say visitor Joe has just landed on Adrian’s Hub front page and decides to check it out for a few minutes. The first thing he notices is the news flash feed. Joe sees there are updates every few days on the news flash feed and wants to see more. So he clicks on the “More” link. And he sees the entire news flash updates. Lots of them, regular, dating back to 2014. Joe thinks: “Hey, this guy is serious about it, let’s check some more. Oh, there’s a blog, let’s see what he’s all about.” Joe sweeps through some of the blog posts and finds something he’s interested in. Then he notices the Rewards menu. Scans the menu items and his eyes stop on “Recent Winners”. He says to himself: “Let’s see what I can win here!” and clicks on “Recent Winners”. On the default highlighted cash rewards page he observes many $40, $20 and $10 cash amounts being won. His reaction: “Wow!” As he scrolls down the page, he notices a little […]

how to spend 40 bucks

How Would You Spend 40 Bucks?

January 17, 2016 // 0 Comments

There are two kind of people in the world. The ones seizing the moment (you know… carpe diem or seize the day type) and the ones planning ahead, investing in their future. People seizing the moment enjoy each day as it were their last, but don’t think or plan for what lies ahead. They live in present and prefer to take life as it comes, without wondering what they can do to make it better. Those planning ahead, on the other hand, briefly enjoy each small victory, and maybe reward themselves for a job well done. But quickly after, look down the road and see things in perspective. They become restless when they don’t do anything to move forward. How many of the highly successful and achieving people you admire take life as it comes instead of in their own hands? Tell me if you can think of anyone, I’m having trouble finding such an example. Now, let’s get practical, start small and see what would you do with 40 bucks. I chose 40 bucks because that’s the top cash prize on our contest here at Adrian’s Hub. What’s the first thing that would go through your mind? Option A: Let’s go out tonight and spend the money! Option B: How can I earn more by leveraging the 40 bucks? If you’re asking yourself the second question, do you know how to best spend your 40 bucks? If you are already a veteran in your industry, you probably do, but newbies usually make many mistakes before finding the right way. Hey, you already would have won our contest to get those 40 bucks, and that required determination, taking regular action and even strategizing. So, you’re already many steps ahead someone who haven’t done all that. You’re already experiencing the compounding […]

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