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subject to pick when you're out of ideas

What Subject to Pick When You’re Out of Fresh Ideas?

November 30, 2017 // 0 Comments

As a blogger or email marketer you can sometimes feel you have nothing else to say and you have exhausted every possible idea and can’t find any subject to pick for the next post or email. Of course this is not true and I write this post to offer some suggestions what to do if this happens to you. 1. Ask Your Audience Ask your audience what they would like to know more about. I sometimes ask my subscribers about topics or directions they want to be approached more on Adrian’s Hub. I also had set up a PTD offer which I promote every once in a while asking people what problem do they face earning money online. For this simple answer in a few words, there is a small reward on Adrian’s Hub, and the information gathered can be used to find the next subject to pick or even influence development plans. 2. Write about an Evergreen Topic An example of an evergreen topic is building your own list. The advantage of writing about building your own list is it doesn’t go out of style and it is as important today as it was five years ago and just as it will be five years into the future. The downside is an evergreen topic will rarely create huge waves and massive instant interest. 3. Write about a Trendy Topic If it’s properly advertised, this will create huge waves right away. With rare exceptions though, it will soon be forgotten when the topic will no longer be trendy. It may have a short term impact, and can be more powerful in emails. But blog posts written with trends in mind often have a short term relevance and that’s pretty much against the purpose of a blog post, which should create […]

TE ListBuilder Review

TE ListBuilder (formerly tePays) Review

November 4, 2017 // 6 Comments

In April 2016, a week after its launch I wrote a review for tePays. Now, one and a half years later and also about a week after relaunch, I renew my review on the updated tePays, now rebranded as TE List Builder. A Few Words About TEPays tePays was a pioneer in the traffic exchanges niche to implement an automated list building system while you referred people to the site. Its support for AWeber, Rocket Responder and TrafficWave autoresponders is still relatively wide for people involved in this niche, but there is information the owners are looking into the possibility to integrate GetResponse as well into TE ListBuilder. You could also have built your downlines in a few selected traffic exchanges and additional resources using tePays, as well as were offered 2 e-books, and, with the right upgrade, the possibility to re-brand them. All that is still here in the new version. The Logical Step Toward TE ListBuilder I write this second review knowing that tePays was very high in the top of the sites that paid me the most commissions since its launch, but also that this trend had slowed down significantly in the recent months. When a good site with good owners is launched it creates a hype of course. But if there is not much reason to return to the site, once everything is set up, the traction is soon lost because people will simply find other interests. I think in the revamped TE ListBuilder, owners Blain Jones and Shane Bost added value while at the same time focusing on ways to improve the engagement of members with the site and especially with each other. The new tasks, teams, internal messages and basic blogging functionalities will probably do just that. Members of ClickTrackProfit may find many of […]

autoresponder features

Autoresponder Features: Essentials, Important and Others

July 15, 2017 // 14 Comments

The autoresponder is a tool which, by itself or as part of a complex online marketing service offers its customers the means to keep a relationship with a subscriber base, via email marketing. Throughout this blog post I will not make any recommendation of one (or more) autoresponder service(s). I encourage you to compare and think in perspective and based on what YOUR expectations are, what you want to use email marketing for. I made my choice years back as a newbie (so don’t just copy my choice without thinking!) and I will most likely “update” it at the right time. Why did I write this blog post? Because we see it all the time: people choose, especially at first, the autoresponder service based on the wrong reasons or putting the most value on non-essential features. Below, I won’t list the essential features you’ll find in most professional autoresponders like “unlimited” lists and followup emails, personalization, support for html and text emails. Just a few sensitive points that make a difference in my opinion: Essential Autoresponder Features High Deliverability This is not really a feature, but it speaks loud and clear about the quality of the service being offered and the ability of the autoresponder to perform its main function: to deliver emails to your subscribers’ inboxes. The service provider has to have a good reputation with the major ESPs (email service providers) or the high deliverability is only a claim. Here’s one way you can check out the reputability of your autoresponder. Just enter the autoresponder’s URL in the input box and press Enter. On the next page choose one IP to see its reputation (counter-intuitively, a high number is bad) and details about how many recipients are good and bad, how many emails were ok, contained viruses, were […]

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