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Adrian’s Interviews: Dream Big, Live Inspired with Nick Grimshawe

March 11, 2017 // 4 Comments

I have the pleasure and honor to have a special guest for Adrian’s Interviews today. Nick Grimshawe is the publisher of Beautiful Summer Morning, a workshop facilitator for dream building, abundance and daily practice, and a life coach. He also publishes an internet marketing blog on and owns the best membership coaching site for ClickTrackProfit called Learn With Nick. Thank you for being at Adrian’s Interviews, Nick! Thank you so much for inviting me. I’m thrilled and honored to do this since I am a big fan of what you’ve done with Adrian’s Hub. You’ve created something unique and that is one of those qualities I value highly. I so appreciate it Nick! Here’s my first question: What came first for you: your interest in dream building, abundance and daily practice or internet marketing and affiliate programs? Anything before those you’d like to mention? What really came first was this great book called How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael J Gelb. I’d probably read other personal development books before that, but this is the first one that grabbed my heart. The book opened me to all the worlds you mentioned in your question: Dream building, abundance, daily practice and , of course , we are talking Da Vinci here, journaling. There’s no way to exaggerate the huge impact of that book on my life. It was the source of everything that followed including internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Who do you consider to be the mentor (or mentors) with the greatest influence on you for life or dream building? Coach Steele and his tough as nails course, Tools to Life, which is sadly no longer available, who demonstrated to me that I had all the tools within me to succeed. Dan Millman, Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer […]


Adrian’s Interviews: Read the Mind of John Novak!

December 4, 2016 // 2 Comments

We have the opportunity today to “read the mind” of a person who found a way to successfully mix the offline job with having an online business. He has done that for years which practically qualifies him as a master of time management. Somewhere inside the interview, John has a little teasing for us! :) Thank you for accepting this interview, John! To get things started, I’m curious about your nickname. People call you “Doc” John Novak. Are you a Doctor in the offline world? No, I am a Physician Assistant. I have been a PA for a bit over 25 years. Most of my career was in Emergency medicine, but the past 3 years have been in Urgent Care/Family Practice. The nickname came about a few years ago when I was participating with several owners and Tim Tech in some planning Skype calls. After a few sessions, Justin Ledvina did not like having to denote who he was addressing, Jon Olson or me, so he said “I’m just gonna call you Dr. John, and it kind of stuck from that point on. Close enough, you work directly with M.D.s! Can you walk us through what is a regular day for “Doc” John Novak? So I actually have two regular routines, based on whether I am working at the clinic or not. When I work at the clinic, I get up, go to the computer for about 40 minutes where I check email and do my daily log in at a few select sites like Click Track Profit and Adian’s Hub. Depending on how long the email takes, I will usually start off surfing the Daily Challenge site for CTP teams. On days that I do not work at the clinic, I start the same but then move into any […]


Adrian’s Interviews: Bounce Back from Failure with Gary K Waters

October 10, 2016 // 2 Comments

Gary is a winner at Adrian’s Hub and selected the interview as a special bonus for the recently ended contest. I believe it was a great decision, especially for you, our readers. Learning from failures is a quality all entrepreneurs must have, so when Gary explains what happened with his own traffic exchange business, those that pay attention will have the most to gain. Thank you for being here for this interview, Gary! To get things started, would you tell us a few things about yourself? Our readers might not know you are a writer and a book author as well. First of all, I am happily married, my wife, Cathy, puts up with me. I am a writer at heart. I have worked for three different newspapers, real papers not online. I always enjoyed covering topics for feature articles. I also had to cover mundane council meetings etc. I graduated from University of Maine Farmington BFA with honors in creative writing. I have published a book of poetry “Scattered”. The title says it all I covered a gaggle of subjects. I am working on a second book but this is not poetry. I do a lot online trying to make a few dollars like everyone else. How did you start your online ventures? Were you seeking to expand your marketing, network with other people or maybe to earn an additional income? I started working online in 2001. Initially, I sold books on Amazon. I did very well in that business, made over ten thousand dollars my first year. I drifted to other things, affiliate programs mostly. Then started a traffic exchange. The following questions may come as a surprise to some of our readers, because they focus on a failed business attempt, rather than a successful one. I asked […]

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