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#1 Goldmine Review. Who Is It For?

October 21, 2017 // 4 Comments

#1 Goldmine is a huge ad blaster which will have the official launch on November 1st. Although still officially in pre-launch, the site is functional, and it already has over 3500 members in about 14 days since its unofficial launch. Let’s start our #1 Goldmine review understanding who is it for. Who Is #1 Goldmine For? Smart advertisers should be very receptive to what this program has to offer because it is a great tool to deliver advertising targeted to different traffic sources. You can easily put your ads in front of audiences of traffic exchanges, safelists, text ad exchanges and even through classifieds and search engines. That’s a lot of eyes that can see your ads with a minimum of effort on your part. Affiliate marketers should also take a good look at their affiliate program. About #1 Goldmine Owner and Network Maryanne Myers is the programmer, designer and owner of #1 Goldmine. According to the site’s about page, she has owned sites for almost 20 years, which means a great consistency and long term experience. #1 Goldmine is a full custom work, using the latest technologies, and Maryanne likes to remind us of that. Of course this is something noticeable, because the novelty of design attracts more people, while the latest programming techniques means the site may not need a deep structural update for a long time. But here comes the question. Is there something behind the technique to support the value members expect? And the short answer is a definite YES. Maryanne Myers is the owner of a large network of advertising sites. Of those, besides #1 Goldmine, I am also a member of two others for now: 1ProfitRing and Pangea.Group. Each of these sites are custom and have particular features you won’t find on hundred of […]

tePays: Unbiased Review

April 23, 2016 // 2 Comments

Ok, before I start, let me be clear that I am a member of tePays and I believe in its potential to be an effective residual income and list builder. But, in this review, I’ll try to detach myself and look at it from all angles. This program might or might not be for you. So read carefully to make up your mind. First, the bad news. tePays is not for you, if you never spend any money online and stay free in all programs you join have tried for many months or even years to build your downlines, but no one upgrades or makes purchases under you have no interest whatsoever in the traffic exchange niche Has my bluntness bring you down already? Well, it shouldn’t have. If you find yourself in the descriptions above (first two especially), this should be a wake-up call. You’re doing something wrong! And you won’t even begin to succeed until you start doing things right. Read on to see where you need to be! Is tePays for you? It is if you are new to traffic exchanges but have at least a $100 monthly online budget and want to start up in a big way (your online budget should include as soon as possible an autoresponder service to build your own list, a tracking system and url rotator to see what traffic sources work for you, tePays for residual income and to build your downlines, a few other upgrades and paid advertising here and there) are an experienced marketer involved with traffic exchanges or interested to expand to this niche, and your followers consistently take on your recommendations have a Rocket Responder subscription have a subscription are an upgraded member of one of these traffic exchanges: EasyHits4U, Traffic Swarm, Tezak Traffic Power, […]

97 or 3: A Different Kind of Sales Funnel

97or3: Success Awaits Around the Corner!

October 17, 2015 // 0 Comments

I haven’t wrote a review about one of the products I use and have confidence in for a while. So maybe it’s time. We take decisions every day. Some attempts we make will be successful, some won’t meet our expectations and others will be complete failures. That shouldn’t discourage us, quite the contrary. 97or3 is a new business, less than a month old. In the title I included one of the subject lines I used when marketing this product. And I think it suites 97or3 very well. Let’s see why success awaits around the corner. With you have easy to understand guidance and steps to follow depending on your personality and level as a marketer. Free members get: – access to 10 income streams – 15% commissions from the upgrades of their downline at 97or3. Upgraded members (one-time payment) get: – access to 10 income streams + 1 endorsed network marketing opportunity (Isagenix) – 50% commissions from the upgrades of their downline at 97or3. – huge traffic to their 97or3 affiliate link (free and for life). – their links presented to their downlines for all 10+1 income streams – free and for life promotion of the business of their choice (as a 125×125 banner or text link, very visible). Both free, but mostly upgraded members have access to different markets, the chance to meet new people (or future business partners), that might have complementary skills. 97or3 was launched recently and both co-owners are successful in their respective niche. And if you need more assurance to be convinced, here’s a quote from a recent newsletter: Major Offline Ad Campaign Starting Oct, 18th: We are running our first major targeted ad campaign that will go out across the nation in an offline publication. This campaign targets “work from home” opportunity seekers […]

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