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New Members, Up to the Challenge?

July 29, 2017 // 6 Comments

Determination, small improvements and action can take you a long way, even if you have so many skills to improve on. When that is combined with a little bit of originality, that is a great recipe to work with. John Chapman is one of our members here at Adrian’s Hub. Not just “a member”, because he usually likes and wants to be on top of our contests. And, through consistent action over time, he usually is. Why am I talking about John today? Well, we have these advertisements called PTD (paid to do) offers at Adrian’s Hub, where a member is paid cash or tokens for completing a certain task, the advertiser proposes. John creates such offers often, but yesterday he surprised me. He practically created a challenge for new members of Adrian’s Hub or his own referrals (from my understanding it’s not a requirement to be in his downline, but maybe John will clarify that) to pass him in the main contest. If that happens, the member who does gets $2 from John for completing his PTD offer. I am still unclear if this challenge is for current contest only or goes on for future contests as well, until he takes down the offer. And what happens at the beginning of the contests, if it’s not for this contest only? Another thing that would be nice if John clarifies for us. The text of the offer should probably be updated to include answers to such questions. Otherwise, there is the following option, but not as many will take it. Our site allows members to ask questions to PTD advertisers about their offers, if they need answers not provided in the text of the offer. Contacting the advertiser first is the smart step to take before you attempt to complete […]

Tracking in Action

Follow Tracking In Action!

June 16, 2017 // 4 Comments

Tracking your advertising with the purpose of improving conversion rates, has been the subject of multiple blog posts I wrote. Today I decided to go a step further, and show you how tracking works in action. From the side of advertiser and affiliate, and not from the site owner’s perspective. Let’s say you promote Adrian’s Hub. And you use the first standard lead page we have to do that. My sponsor id is 2, so I’ll use that. Remember, I am talking purely from the affiliate perspective, discarding any additional information I have access to as the owner of the site being promoted. Here are the possible alternatives: No Tracking Is Used Then the link will look like this: If someone visits the page where the link is placed (this blog post in our case) or clicks the link, but doesn’t sign up to Adrian’s Hub, you, as an affiliate who promotes Adrian’s Hub, won’t know. If he or she signs up, you will receive a new referral notification, including some tracking details provided by Adrian’s Hub. But you can’t determine click-through rate or conversion rate, because you don’t know anything about the traffic you sent that didn’t sign up (which is the vast majority). So, you won’t know if a traffic source works for you or not or which ad performs better. Using the ‘src’ Parameter (for Adrian’s Hub only) When you promote Adrian’s Hub, you can use the ‘src’ parameter added to the query string, to provide additional tracking details. Here’s an example for our link: The advantage: it’s free, and it helps pinpoint the exact location or context of a conversion (works great for mailers). The disadvantages: It still tells you nothing about click-through rate or conversion rate, and it doesn’t work if you promote […]

home-based online business

What Do You Expect From Your Home-Based Online Business?

June 10, 2017 // 2 Comments

You may not be aware of it, but if you are online making money from home, you have your own home-based online business. You don’t need a site for that, or a blog, you can do it as a simple affiliate. And there are successful affiliates out there, who have nothing else but their brands, most likely their lists, and the affiliate programs. So, now that I broke the news to you that you are in business, what are your expectations? You can do all this home-based online activities I called business as a hobby. Which is fine. It is a popular way to begin. Some successful online entrepreneurs started out their online business journey as a hobby. But it turned into part-time, and then full-time work for them. The kind of work they love doing, and paying the bills at the same time. Maybe you love being in an online community of like-minded people and having fun. I bet you found some close friends this way. And during this growing relationship with a friend, you shared programs that work or don’t. Some of the longest term referrals anyone has are friends with similar interests. Remember this is a friendship, not someone you push your links to. You may start your home-based business with a razor-sharp focus. And be committed and work diligently to ensure you meet your expectations. But what if your expectations are too low? Do you power down your engine? It depends on you. Do you find the expectations you have from your home-based online business in the list below? No Expectations It’s often the case for someone who starts making money online as a hobby or by enjoying the company of other like-minded people, but with disinterest of what they are doing for their online business. […]

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