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Fake News and Viral Content (Halloween Spook?)

October 27, 2017 // 0 Comments

Fake news existed, we have them today and there will be even more of an issue in the future, and it has little to do with who “invented” the term. I decided to tackle this subject while still relatively viral and before it becomes old news. Some of you might know I live in a country called Romania (huh! I know Halloween is mainly about witches, not vampires, but guess what? It’s the “birth place” of the legendary Dracula). If you look at the world globe (and you know where to look), you can hardly spot it. But when an uninspired reporter asked Bill Gates “What are you doing in a small country like Romania?” he quickly replied and emphasized: “You are not small!“. See the difference of perspective and perception? Less than 30 years ago and beyond there were no fake news in my country. There were official news. Sometimes true, but often times outrageously fake. So, if anyone has an interest to see the evolution of fake news, they should take a trip down the memory lane (or to the archives). In many corners of the world, including in my country, diversity of opinion is allowed, even encouraged. But what we witness nowadays is not diversity, it’s polarization. You’re either with us or against us. No middle ground, no moderate voice that can be heard (if we don’t count silent voices). Where will this go, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t look good, and history seem to support this probability. Now, how does it affect us working online? You probably heard people you look up to saying “Don’t watch the TV news, they are focusing on the negative!”. True and their focus on the negative is scientifically proven to increase their ratings. Some of us may have taken […]

fast-success-more money-part2

Not Everyone Succeeds, But Anyone Can. Part Two

February 17, 2017 // 2 Comments

I promised last week a follow-up blog post on “Not Everyone Succeeds, But Anyone Can”. So here it is. I’ll share with you two stories from my beginnings in online marketing. First Story Back in the summer of 2014 I think I was still a free member in most sites I used. But… something clicked for me. I realized that if I continued like that all I was doing was wasting my free time (as much as it was), because that won’t lead anywhere. Then, during only a few months time, I took action and subscribed to a few select services to which I never stopped being subscribed almost 3 years later (though I changed a service provider once). They were all on a monthly basis at first and a high burden for me. In time, I managed to get long-term deals where they were available, and even a lifetime offer. If I wouldn’t had taken the decisive action back in mid-2014 (decisive for my online endeavors afterwards), I probably wouldn’t have written a blog post for you right now or grow Adrian’s Hub in the back-end as I did. Second Story When I subscribed to an autoresponder service, I already had in mind my first campaign. Nothing fancy, in fact you see it at many “first timers”: an email series about the internet marketing tools I used. With my words, my choices and my mistakes. During that period or soon after, I had a talk with a friend of mine who was a skillful marketer (“was” because I haven’t seen him use his marketing skills online for a long time). I remember asking him how many subscribers he had. He avoided to answer my direct question by saying something like this: “100 engaged subscribers are much better than 10000 […]

fast-success-more money

Not Everyone Succeeds, But Anyone Can. Part One

February 10, 2017 // 6 Comments

When we first come online with the intent to earn money, we are pumped up, we have many illusions and we expect to see immediate gains for our efforts. Many advertisements emphasize exactly what you want to hear, even if it has little to do with reality. Nobody or very few will tell you of the risks, the commitment and focus, the volume of work or the expertise you need to gain to be successful. Let’s get through three basic misconceptions and mistakes beginners are likely to have or do: Fast, but free. One of the first illusions new people come with online — and many advertisements feed on this illusion — is that of fast profits. If in some cases and with certain risks fast profits can be obtained, absolutely nowhere is this possible without money. If you don’t have any money to start with, expect your journey to be long, sometimes very long! And there’s no guarantee you’ll be profitable in the end. My endeavors during the first four years of earning money online were spent mostly as a free member (and owner), and without any plan other than to cash out as soon as I hit the minimum. Looking retrospectively, I look at those years mostly as wasted years from so many points of view. If at least I had a plan to become a paid member in programs offering services as important today as they were then (like an autoresponder to build my list), that would have given me a four years head start. So, if you want results fast, make sure you have money and lots of it. If you don’t have money, don’t expect fast results, and have a plan to grow on the long-term. Success, but No Growth. You are new, pumped up […]

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