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difference between PPC and PTC

Differences Between PPC and PTC

April 8, 2017 // 4 Comments

When I dove into the online marketing world many years ago, I came across lots of notions new to me at that time. Some of them were omnipresent and I had the assuring feeling that I understood what they meant. In reality there was much fuzziness and confusion in my head, as it was natural to be for any beginner. Two of these notions that might create the same difficulty to grasp if you have just began your journey, are PPC and PTC. As a beginner, you probably heard of PTC. Maybe you heard or maybe you haven’t heard of PPC. When I first started I saw both versions, just didn’t understand they were referring to completely different things. I just thought it was a simple naming distinction, but they ultimately refer to the same thing (something like squeeze page = landing page = opt-in page). It took some time until this confusion cleared up in my head. So, I want to help you avoid the same confusion I made. Let’s start with the beginning. PTC means ‘paid-to-click’ and it’s a type of advertising where a person is paid cash (usually a very small amount) for viewing an ad for a few seconds. In most cases, the ads can be filtered by geo-location, but in the end the advertisers know their ads will be clicked even by persons that have no interest in what they promote, only to receive the cash reward, and the prices for this type of advertising is quite low “per click”. Around ‘paid-to-click’ advertising has been built an entire niche industry. More prominent a few years ago, its main representatives are still very strong by all appearances, and with huge memberships. I’m sure you know them: ClixSense and NeoBux. PPC on the other hand, stands for […]