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How to Manage Your Emotional Roller Coasters

January 12, 2018 // 0 Comments

We humans use emotions to express our feelings. Emotional roller coasters are situations or experiences that alternate between making you feel excited, exhilarated, or happy and making you feel sad, disappointed, or desperate, we can find in the Collins dictionary. There are people who are or appear calm under any circumstances. But most of us could use a method to deal with emotional roller coasters. Why? Because we tend to do or say stupid and regrettable things in such events. Examples of Emotional Roller Coasters Imagine a lottery winner. He must feel awesome and those money will help him achieve anything he sets his mind to! His future sure must look bright! Hmm, in reality, most go broke in a few years, taking so many bad decisions in between. And they are on an emotional roller coaster all the way up until the winner is announced and then down until they lose everything. Now imagine a very successful restaurant owner. Next to his business a new restaurant opens which attracts many of his customers. Now the owner feels frustrated, but instead of figuring out a way to bring back his customers, he started to pour his frustrations on the customers who had chosen to stay. Want to guess what happened? Of course they left too. Finally, he got the message, the level of service became impeccable again, and started to bring in new customers, as well as some of his former loyal customers. That’s another example of emotional roller coaster, one where you go from top to bottom, and then back up. Is It Good For You to Ride Emotional Roller Coasters? An emotional roller coaster you can’t escape has terrible consequences for your business, family, relationships, personal finances management, trading, etc. Let’s take a “soft” example from family life. […]

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How to Set Out Great Goals?

September 9, 2017 // 2 Comments

Do you know how to set out great goals? We all set out goals even as children. We may have been pretty relentless in tracking some of them. Earning a few pennies here and there to buy something we really wanted, learning to pass an exam or to get a good grade, or taking the girl we liked out, these were important goals at the time. As adults we want a great family, kids, a great neighborhood, car, house etc. We might aim at certain jobs, salaries, club memberships, titles and so on. It’s likely you want to make money online or start a home-business online. And each of them is a big goal for you, if you want it. If you set out great goals, and how effective you are in pursuing them, well, that’s a big topic, and we’ll start today by unveiling what makes a goal great (for you). How should great goals look like? Specific. Don’t use general terms, be as specific as possible in your goal (especially for longer terms). Here’s an unspecific goal: I want to become a better online marketer. Here’s a specific goal: I want to become a better email marketer. “Email marketer” is more specific compared to “online marketer”. Measurable. Your goal’s progress and finalization must have a clear, non-subjective method of being measured and determined. Here’s a non-measurable goal: I want to add more subscribers to my list. Here’s a measurable goal: I want to add at least 100 more subscribers to my list. Do you notice the difference? “More subscribers” can mean 2 more. “at least 100 more” is measurable. You will see below being a measurable goal is still not enough. Attainable. Using the experience, means and resources available to you when you set the goal, it must […]

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Your Goals Snapshot After 6 Months

July 1, 2017 // 0 Comments

This is a time when our readers from the USA and Canada look forward for the short vacation during their national holidays. Enjoy your short vacation if you have one! We are also half way through the year 2017, as unbelievable as it may be, and a great time to take a snapshot of our yearly goals and see how we are doing. But first things first. Do you have yearly goals? Because if you don’t, that’s one thing you really should start setting out every year. Since we are at the half year, you can put on paper what are three (and no more) objectives you want to achieve by the end of year 2017. If you already have goals for this year, how are you doing? There are actually a few possibilities: You Already Gave Up This can happen for several reasons: your goals aren’t specific enough. For example “I want to be healthier.“. How? By losing weight? Doing more exercise? Eating healthier? Doing routine check ups and taking care of any illness? they are not measurable. For instance “I want to lose weight.“. How much? your goals are not achievable. Can you name the steps that can make you achieve your goals in the given time frame (by the year’s end)? If you can’t, the goals are probably not achievable. they are unrealistic. Like “Without investing any money, I want to become a millionaire by the year’s end.“. Here I’ve seen the argument that a realistic goal can be a 5% increase on the previous year’s results. However, a leap will come if you strive for a 50% increase, even if you nearly miss that goal. you weren’t serious when you set out the goals, so you haven’t considered any of the points above you have too […]

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