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3 Driving Forces for Change in Your Life

April 14, 2018 // 2 Comments

Have you ever wondered what drives people to change? What is the force that pushes a person to leave the comfort zone and start changing his or her life? The topic has been discussed from many angles, so if you know how to change your life — if you’d like to — how come you don’t? It’s not enough to wish to change your life, that’s not a good enough reason to leave your comfort zone. What’s missing? If you answered the “driving forces” or even the “triggers”, you are right. Which are the driving forces that are most often behind the reasons why people change their lives? Let’s see. Necessity When you hit the bottom you must understand what went wrong and change it to get up. It might be that you made mistakes, or that the context was not favorable or that you lacked the motivation. Necessity represents a wake-up call for many, but not for everybody. Some find comfort in the new situation, as frightening as it is, because they lack the desire to continue. Pursuing a Vision Someone with a vision continually challenges the status quo. He or she can’t find a comfort zone until the vision becomes reality. After that, a bigger or different vision usually follows in a perpetual thrive for improvement. Do you remember your dreams as a child? Many people think they lost the ability to dream after childhood, but that’s not true. Their dreams may have been consistently put down by people around them and they didn’t fight to keep them or find new ones which better reflected their evolution. And that’s how we get to the third driving force to change: Peer Pressure As I’ve explained above, peer pressure can be responsible for shattering your dreams. It can put you […]

peer pressure

Peer Pressure

March 16, 2018 // 0 Comments

Peer pressure is exerted our entire life, so to some extend we are all used to it. Some times it’s more acute than others, and it can take various forms. When I looked for a picture to illustrate this blog post, pretty much all images were in this direction, where one is separated from the group, pushed away, talked behind his back, because he (or she) disturbs the group mindset. That is not necessarily a bad thing, for either party, although it certainly can be a painful experience at the time for the one excluded. They can go separate ways in life, with different objectives, and that’s usually the case. The one excluded usually finds a new group where his or she fits in. But there are other types of peer pressure. Let’s see. A silent one that you might feel on occasions. Let’s say you meet a colleague from school, a buddy in the old days. You both started pretty much at the same level, but now he has a much better job or his family life looks perfect and yours isn’t… Your mind might be working overtime and such thoughts will enforce or reinforce your belief you’re not good enough. And this is the worse thing you can do, because comparing two people’s paths in life is never a good idea. Just be happy for the guy and stop making comparisons! Another type of peer pressure: Friends expecting that you give them a portion of your time for social interactions. This can be good or bad for you. You know the adage: tell me who your closest 5 friends are and I’ll tell you who you are? Your closest friends can exert a good or a bad influence on you, that’s for sure. If you feel empowered by […]

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Keep Learning to Stay Relevant!

February 2, 2018 // 0 Comments

Most graduates live under the impression that once they completed the classic form of education, they will never have to study again. But that assumption is wrong from at least three reasons: we live in a time and age when a certain craft they’ve prepared for in school will not last a lifetime, so they will probably come to a point in their lives when they’ll be forced to change it and need training for the new craft school systems are renowned for being slow to adapt, so what they learned in school may need an update before actually being used at the workplace changes and new developments have accelerated so much that we continuously need to refresh what we know, learn new things and adapt. Jim Rohn’s famously said: Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. Jim Rohn Of course it’s been a while since he said that. Right now, without continuous learning we won’t stay relevant for long even to make a living. But the emphasis is on self-education, which can make you rich. And Jim Rohn insisted on this idea immensely. Now, here’s a quote that remains completely relevant after almost 2 and a half millennia. It’s from Socrates, who said (and “said” is correct, because he never left anything written): I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. Socrates You’ll find the same idea reiterated by other great thinkers like Galileo Galilei or Albert Einstein. Socrates “taught” by engaging in debates. Anywhere and with anyone, with ordinary or educated people. In a way he lived (and died) by this quote. Let’s end the quoting series with one from Henry Ford. After all, he was a pioneer of an era, not the one we live in now, but […]

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