Q&A by Adrian #3

Q&A By Adrian #3

May 26, 2017 // 2 Comments

I am always interested to know what the problems and challenges of people who try to earn an income online are. Sometimes, if I have more experience, I try to find answers to their problems. Here’s a an issue someone told me she has and I know many have the same problem as well. Question: I have a problem reaching payout in a timely manner. Any advice on how to resolve this issue?   Answer: That is a very common question. When you join a program you have a primary goal. It can be to earn money from it, or to use its’ services, or to learn something, or to network with other people and so on. You also have secondary goals from the list above, or others I have not included here. First of all, I haven’t reached payout at many of the sites I have joined over years. But in many cases reaching payout was not a goal for me at some of these sites. I’m not complaining either, I have received many commissions over time. I’m just trying to point out that sometimes you won’t reach payout at a site for various reasons: as I’ve said before, it may not be your goal, or you lose interest, or you haven’t paid attention to the ‘small print’, or the owner is not a monument of correctness, or the site disappears. But if none of the above is happening, here’s my answer: If one of your goals is to earn money from the site you join, directly — not by advertising another program, for example —, then make sure you know from the start what your payout options are and what limitations you may have before you cash out (including a threshold). It would be a great idea if […]

Q&A By Adrian #2: Branding

Q&A By Adrian #2

March 25, 2017 // 2 Comments

Sometimes we experiment, which is a great thing. I was a mess at chemistry in school, but I think we can safely use this analogy: in chemistry, for an experiment to work, you have to combine the right substances, in the right order, and leave each reaction enough time to take place. Sometimes it works, other times we have to retrace our steps to see what we did wrong or what we can tweak. That is perfectly valid in other areas of our lives where we have to experiment. Which bring us to the question for today. Question: I have heard many people talking about branding and how great it would be for me to use it online. Tried it and did nothing for me, I changed my picture and everything. So now I just use my old avatar. Was it my fault or branding doesn’t work?   Answer: First of all, you never really stop branding! Except, when you ‘stop branding’ and use an avatar, you now brand yourself as a faceless avatar, a pet, a comic, whatever, which is wrong. You can adjust your brand, if you feel the need to or if it no longer corresponds to your evolution, but, if possible, avoid these simple mistakes: don’t waste branding on pets, comics, etc. don’t brand someone else with your actions (for example you promote a site, but the picture/video of the owner shows up instead of yours) Secondly, brand doesn’t mean simply your picture, but let’s dwell on this particular component of branding. When you add your real picture — the sooner the better — or sometimes even when you update your old picture, you need to be everywhere, so that people will make a connection with the real you or “the new you” easier. Thirdly, and […]

Q&A by Adrian #1

Q&A By Adrian #1

January 28, 2017 // 9 Comments

We all have unanswered questions, a curious mind always has more questions than answers. Q & A By Adrian is a new project part of Adrian’s Hub where I’ll try to get answers to some persisting questions from our work from home niche. Let’s dive into our first Q & A: Question: How long should I try to become profitable using a site before deciding if I should continue using it or not? Answer: In my answer, I’ll be specific enough, because there isn’t a general answer to this question. I’ll refer to sites which have an affiliate program as a main potential source of commissions. That’s a tough question, and the answer really depends on several details: is the site working for you? in what way? does it provide a service you rarely find somewhere else under the same conditions? good conversions? do you have active referrals on the site? have you been paid? is the site working for others? in what way? what type of site is it? are you involved with more sites of this type? how does its results compare with the others? how much time or money do you allot this site? do you have a relationship with your referrals or other members on the site? would you still be able to contact them if you lost your upgrade or your account? is the site advertised a lot? are there many to-the-point complaints or scam reviews about it? when did the site launch and when did you join? who is / are the owners? what other sites do(es) the same owner(s) have (had)? Do you know the owner(s) personally? Have you tried talking to them? Answers to as many of the above questions as possible will paint you the detailed picture you need to take […]