TE ListBuilder Review

TE ListBuilder (formerly tePays) Review

November 4, 2017 // 6 Comments

In April 2016, a week after its launch I wrote a review for tePays. Now, one and a half years later and also about a week after relaunch, I renew my review on the updated tePays, now rebranded as TE List Builder. A Few Words About TEPays tePays was a pioneer in the traffic exchanges niche to implement an automated list building system while you referred people to the site. Its support for AWeber, Rocket Responder and TrafficWave autoresponders is still relatively wide for people involved in this niche, but there is information the owners are looking into the possibility to integrate GetResponse as well into TE ListBuilder. You could also have built your downlines in a few selected traffic exchanges and additional resources using tePays, as well as were offered 2 e-books, and, with the right upgrade, the possibility to re-brand them. All that is still here in the new version. The Logical Step Toward TE ListBuilder I write this second review knowing that tePays was very high in the top of the sites that paid me the most commissions since its launch, but also that this trend had slowed down significantly in the recent months. When a good site with good owners is launched it creates a hype of course. But if there is not much reason to return to the site, once everything is set up, the traction is soon lost because people will simply find other interests. I think in the revamped TE ListBuilder, owners Blain Jones and Shane Bost added value while at the same time focusing on ways to improve the engagement of members with the site and especially with each other. The new tasks, teams, internal messages and basic blogging functionalities will probably do just that. Members of ClickTrackProfit may find many of […]

goldmine review

#1 Goldmine Review. Who Is It For?

October 21, 2017 // 4 Comments

#1 Goldmine is a huge ad blaster which will have the official launch on November 1st. Although still officially in pre-launch, the site is functional, and it already has over 3500 members in about 14 days since its unofficial launch. Let’s start our #1 Goldmine review understanding who is it for. Who Is #1 Goldmine For? Smart advertisers should be very receptive to what this program has to offer because it is a great tool to deliver advertising targeted to different traffic sources. You can easily put your ads in front of audiences of traffic exchanges, safelists, text ad exchanges and even through classifieds and search engines. That’s a lot of eyes that can see your ads with a minimum of effort on your part. Affiliate marketers should also take a good look at their affiliate program. About #1 Goldmine Owner and Network Maryanne Myers is the programmer, designer and owner of #1 Goldmine. According to the site’s about page, she has owned sites for almost 20 years, which means a great consistency and long term experience. #1 Goldmine is a full custom work, using the latest technologies, and Maryanne likes to remind us of that. Of course this is something noticeable, because the novelty of design attracts more people, while the latest programming techniques means the site may not need a deep structural update for a long time. But here comes the question. Is there something behind the technique to support the value members expect? And the short answer is a definite YES. Maryanne Myers is the owner of a large network of advertising sites. Of those, besides #1 Goldmine, I am also a member of two others for now: 1ProfitRing and Pangea.Group. Each of these sites are custom and have particular features you won’t find on hundred of […]


PTC Clasics: Neobux & Clixsense – Comparative Review

November 12, 2016 // 11 Comments

In the unlikely event you haven’t heard of them before, let’s see what paid-to-click platforms are (or PTC, in short). On this type of platforms, advertising is incentivized and members are rewarded with a small cash amount (usually a few pennies, at most) for each ad they click on. This way the advertisers have the guarantee their advertisements are viewed by many people, but no guarantee these members are actually interested in their ads or they just want to collect the cash incentive. Nonetheless, carefully crafted ads will catch many eyes, especially if they relate to the online earning opportunities or work from home niches. Now, when we talk about paid-to-click sites, there are two of them which absolutely can’t be ignored: NeoBux and Clixsense. So, I decided to treat them together and comparatively. Background. Both NeoBux and Clixsense are veterans in the PTC realm, having a long history behind them. Clixsense was first, in 2007, and one year after, NeoBux was also launched. They have both huge memberships, into the millions of members. Who Are They For? Wondering if either one of these sites is for you? If you usually hurry to join sites which promise quick profits, don’t bother! It will take time to become successful on ClixSense and NeoBux. Most likely less time if you don’t stick to the free options, but still not the popular “overnight” success. If you have no money at all, but a lot of time (and patience), both of them can help you grow. PTC Platform. Clixsense and NeoBux are PTC sites at core, but they both evolved in other directions too. From the PTC point of view, both sites offer diverse packages for the advertisers to select and members to click on. As a member interested in cash bonuses, you can […]

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