black friday maddness

Black Friday Madness

November 25, 2017 // 0 Comments

Every year, after America celebrates Thanksgiving, people around the world get into a frenzy state of Black Friday madness. Sometimes retailers do it more than once a year for an amplified effect. Here’s an example we witness directly or otherwise it’s being related to us, which happens practically every year. I believe the image speaks for itself. Another example of Black Friday madness is to buy things you don’t need because they are on sale. The third example of Black Friday madness is the bombardment with offers every way you turn. This can be an effect of the Black Friday madness, a cause of it or both, which would be the worse, because then it became a self-sustainable trap. There is a simple explanation for how people act around Black Friday. What many consumers lack during the Black Friday madness is the lucidity to take deals that are great for them. Keep in mind that we do justify our purchases logically but we take action or not based on emotions. During Black Fridays, our logic tends to be clouded and we are emotionally programmed to say yes to every purchase. But the reverse can happen too. Sometimes in an excess of generosity, a business can set such bargains for their sales that a single event can actually end up hurting them. A few years ago I took one such deal which has been paid many times over by the services offered and I never saw it offered again in future Black Friday events. I also made some purchases during Black Fridays, especially in my early years, which are wasted money (at least in part). That is mostly caused by this unfortunate plague of disappearing sites (or owners). What I’d advise you, if you are a beginner to online marketing is […]