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How To Set Up a Team Contest at Adrian’s Hub

February 16, 2018 // 2 Comments

I thought it was time to insert another blog post exclusive for Adrian’s Hub members (which only makes sense if you are a member). Did you know you can set up a team contest at Adrian’s Hub? And offer cash prizes through it? You didn’t? Then it’s my fault, I probably should’ve explained better, because it’s not a new feature. It has been available for a while, this is one benefit you can draw from it. Now, let’s get to the point. 1) You know you have a Team Cash Bonus Pool, from which you can reward your referrals. This pool is funded with part of your purchases on the site or from your pending commissions if you choose so. 2) You can also send in-site messages to your referrals (they receive email notifications on received messages or not, depending on their preferences). 3) Optional: You can use the keyword [TCBP] in the subject line of your message and your referrals who you sent the message to will have a reminder on the dashboard saying “Sponsor Update: How to Earn from our Team Cash Bonus Pool?”, every time they log in. Clicking on that reminder will take them to your last message which used the keyword [TCBP] in the subject line. Please read the legend below the ‘Compose’ form, for details about how this [TCBP] keyword works! Now, let’s present the same points above through an example: 1) Let’s assume you have $10 in your Team Cash Bonus Pool (or add more funds from your pending commissions). You can see the amount you have in the pool from Affiliate Hub -> Your Referrals menu. You need to click on the link to expand Team Cash Bonus Pool information at the top of this page, on the yellow background. 2 & […]

evaluation time - well done

Evaluation Time at the Year End

December 21, 2017 // 0 Comments

When the year comes to an end, we should all have an evaluation time and see how we stand and what we need to adjust going forward, or even what we need to change radically. With this in mind, I’ve put together some stats for Adrian’s Hub for last year, and decided to make them public. Not to brag, because we are a very small site and things can improve in many areas, but we can also show some consistent facts. Adrian’s Hub main reason to exist is to offer an online starting point especially to those who just started their online adventure, or have hit bottom, perhaps multiple times. If you are looking for quick gains, it’s unlikely this site is for you. There is no promise involved, except that through your own consistent, focused actions on the right goals, you will get rewarded. By not repeating the same mistakes over and over again, by improving your results and, only as part of the mix, by affiliate commissions and rewards you receive in Adrian’s Hub contests. I share my experiences and thoughts on the blog. Sometimes we have interviews or I review a program. I also recommend resources to use for internet marketing and traffic generation inside. Adrian’s Hub additionally offers me a small platform to learn and test new things. Let’s get back to our results though. Adrian’s Hub is not focused on profit, as you can see above, rather on helping others. However, excluding 2014 when we started, 2015 and 2017 were profitable (but most wouldn’t bother doing the work for this profit, and thus I don’t do it for the profit either), 2016 was slightly below breaking even. I’ve paid $296.16 this year in commissions (which include cash rewards), $1299.30 since the site is online. I […]


Our Events Are In Full Swing!

October 6, 2017 // 0 Comments

It isn’t a full week since we started our +1 Year Anniversary Event which takes place every October at Adrian’s Hub. Some of our members started to reap the rewards already or have eyed future or current contests that we have for this edition of Adrian’s Hub anniversary. Shauna Martin and Meredith Bilski already won 1 million XP at ClickTrackProfit! Cheryl Fitzjohn got picked and received 25 CP for using ‘Your Goals Tracker’! Referral contest, main contest and now the first of two auctions for one of my top referrals are in full swing. If you haven’t got involved yet, it’s far from late, just click to consult the latest updates or the schedule. Yes, we’ve got so many things going on that we needed practically daily updates so far! I know there are so many distractions these days, but if you stay updated this won’t take much time and you have a great chance to win something. You might also want to check out Adrian’s Hub Twitter and Facebook pages. In most cases, for +1 Year Anniversary Event 2017 there is a competition to win your desired reward: referral contest, main contest, contest for 1 million CTP XP on every playoff day, bidding for my top referrals. It is in our nature to love competition, games and fun, so we have all of that. If you use ‘Your Goals Tracker’ you will have an implicit reward by improving your goals, but during our +1 Year Anniversary Event, you might also get picked for a reward that you can value when you corroborate it with the main contest, VIP ranking and advertising we offer at Adrian’s Hub. Before I end this blog post, I want to make a small adjustment for our members who are interested in the millions of […]

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