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What’s Still Working For Making Money Online?

April 20, 2018 // 0 Comments

In a way as a continuance of the previous post about change, I thought I should write again inviting you to be the main contributors this time through the comments section. As much as we know consistency pays off on the long run, we also live in a time of rapid changes. When many of us started looking for methods of making money online, certain things worked. If enough time has passed since then, it is possible, I’d say even probable some of them don’t work any more. Online business “models” popping up and disappearing after 6 months intensify the confusion sometimes. What I want to ask you directly is this: what type of business do you still work with and is doing great or you think may be at the beginning of the road? It’s only fair to answer myself first. I have started to re-find my appetite for financial investments and trading, which have been dormant for me for quite a few years. If you have been reading my recent posts, you also know my interest towards the blockchains and the crypto space increased, and I’m currently writing daily on, which is a blogging/social platform built on the Steem blockchain (and it’s just one of many, it’s an entire race there of building decentralized applications for various purposes). I invite you to follow my Steemit blog at Many subjects are related to that space, and not of a different niche, but you can find other niches too. There is, of course, Adrian’s Hub, into which I invested much time and energy over time. I kept my interest in personal development, which is the engine that always propels us forward. Otherwise, I stopped joining every new site a long time ago, and the time I have I […]

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3 Driving Forces for Change in Your Life

April 14, 2018 // 2 Comments

Have you ever wondered what drives people to change? What is the force that pushes a person to leave the comfort zone and start changing his or her life? The topic has been discussed from many angles, so if you know how to change your life — if you’d like to — how come you don’t? It’s not enough to wish to change your life, that’s not a good enough reason to leave your comfort zone. What’s missing? If you answered the “driving forces” or even the “triggers”, you are right. Which are the driving forces that are most often behind the reasons why people change their lives? Let’s see. Necessity When you hit the bottom you must understand what went wrong and change it to get up. It might be that you made mistakes, or that the context was not favorable or that you lacked the motivation. Necessity represents a wake-up call for many, but not for everybody. Some find comfort in the new situation, as frightening as it is, because they lack the desire to continue. Pursuing a Vision Someone with a vision continually challenges the status quo. He or she can’t find a comfort zone until the vision becomes reality. After that, a bigger or different vision usually follows in a perpetual thrive for improvement. Do you remember your dreams as a child? Many people think they lost the ability to dream after childhood, but that’s not true. Their dreams may have been consistently put down by people around them and they didn’t fight to keep them or find new ones which better reflected their evolution. And that’s how we get to the third driving force to change: Peer Pressure As I’ve explained above, peer pressure can be responsible for shattering your dreams. It can put you […]


Thoughts in the Social Media Data-Selling Ongoing Scandal

March 31, 2018 // 4 Comments

The ball was dropped by Facebook (or more exactly by one of their clients) when it comes to huge privacy issues which resulted in the data-selling scandal we all know now. If the ball would still be in play, the practices would continue, and everyone would carry on with their happy or not so happy lives. Tell me if I’m wrong! The reality is EVERY company (ok, let’s leave room for exceptions: MOST companies) which have large databases of user information and their preferences or habits, are at some point tempted to use data-selling to increase their profit margins. Facebook is definitely not alone in this practice, but their extensive information about users’ behavior, background, relationships, likes and dislikes, make their data very valuable to customers (and we’ve seen what it can be used for) and the privacy breach even more intrusive for their users. I understood a long time ago exposing intimate aspects of my life to one company or another (or the government for that matter) is not something I want to do. I also saw the increasing manipulation power of such platforms. I only had one personal social media account, and that was on Facebook and stopped using it for years. A few days ago I deleted it entirely, after all it served no purpose. The data-selling scandal may not yet be over. On April 10th, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Jack Dorsey, the CEOs of the giants Facebook, Google (Alphabet), and Twitter are formally invited to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Despite the huge scandal, I don’t feel something significant will change unfortunately. The incident will be forgotten in time. And the power at the disposal of these giants will continue to grow.

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