Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

July 7, 2018 // 0 Comments

Source I don’t know what the definition of fitness is and I don’t care. I have my own definition for it: if you feel well in your own body (and mind), you’re not kidding yourself, and you’re continuously doing something to keep them well balanced, then you’re probably fit. Of course, that’s “fit” for an average guy, you are probably not fit to compete at the next Olympics. You might not be a pack of muscles either. I am not. But I hold an immense respect for the inscription found on the side of my high school and it’s simple meaning: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (that’s Latin for “Healthy mind in a healthy body”). You might not have guessed that if you had met me when I was in high school, but even then I thought the same way. Because I have a physical disability since birth and overprotective parents, I was excused from doing any sports in school. My first teacher was the smartest and he told my parents that I should take these classes for my own health, and if there’s anything I can’t do, I should just say and skip it. There wasn’t. He even commended me at some point in a parents meeting for my sports results, despite my problem. Future sports teachers took the motivation and didn’t really care. So I did nothing and I stopped caring. Although I never was and never will be an athlete, future life events determined me to take a closer watch on my health. And that includes my fitness, as I see it. It isn’t very easy. Both my parents are fat (although they sort of try not to be) and if I don’t take care both with nutrition and with fitness, I would be too. It’s a […]

spring bird

Spring Almost Over. Where Did It Go?

May 31, 2018 // 0 Comments

Strange. Two months ago I was shoveling the snow in our front yard, and now is the first day of June, and with it the last month of spring on the calendar is over and summer months begin. Where did spring fit in between the winter-like temperatures of March and even the beginning of April, and the warm days we have now? This year was better than others, when the transition between winter and summer was almost non-existent. I live in a country with a temperate continental climate, which has all the four distinct seasons. At least it used to. People often say here that we now started to have two seasons: winter and summer. The blurry transition between the two we continue to call spring and fall. But I guess having both winter and summer is better than one season, right? Let’s stay positive… Anyway, yesterday was still spring both in the calendar and outside. I remarked it as I walked the streets of my town and the strong fragrance of the linden tree flowers flooded the air and delighted my senses. If I didn’t have to come back home soon, I could’ve roamed the streets for hours without getting tired of the nature’s spectacle. I could’ve even walked — yes, it’s within walking distance — to a nearby forest (more like a big park with alleys, places for children to play all over and a rustic restaurant in the middle; not a wild forest but somehow we call it forest instead of park). But I can still do that today, if everything goes as planned. Spring with the coming back to life of nature is fascinating! Fall is the time to reap rewards in agriculture. Wouldn’t it be devastating to reduce them to “transition periods” between winter and […]

make money online

What’s Still Working For Making Money Online?

April 20, 2018 // 0 Comments

In a way as a continuance of the previous post about change, I thought I should write again inviting you to be the main contributors this time through the comments section. As much as we know consistency pays off on the long run, we also live in a time of rapid changes. When many of us started looking for methods of making money online, certain things worked. If enough time has passed since then, it is possible, I’d say even probable some of them don’t work any more. Online business “models” popping up and disappearing after 6 months intensify the confusion sometimes. What I want to ask you directly is this: what type of business do you still work with and is doing great or you think may be at the beginning of the road? It’s only fair to answer myself first. I have started to re-find my appetite for financial investments and trading, which have been dormant for me for quite a few years. If you have been reading my recent posts, you also know my interest towards the blockchains and the crypto space increased, and I’m currently writing daily on, which is a blogging/social platform built on the Steem blockchain (and it’s just one of many, it’s an entire race there of building decentralized applications for various purposes). I invite you to follow my Steemit blog at Many subjects are related to that space, and not of a different niche, but you can find other niches too. There is, of course, Adrian’s Hub, into which I invested much time and energy over time. I kept my interest in personal development, which is the engine that always propels us forward. Otherwise, I stopped joining every new site a long time ago, and the time I have I […]

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