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3 tips for posting every day

3 Tips for Posting Every Day

March 2, 2018 // 2 Comments

Here on Adrian’s Hub I post weekly and I’ve been doing that since 2014. I know, I’ve started much later than many bloggers, and I not the most successful one either. But I’m consistently doing it. For about a month, I’ve completely changed my routine, and it’s not exactly a breeze doing that either, while also learning about a new platform. Now I usually post once per day. That’s a big change from once a week. Is this a routine I’m comfortable with? Not always, especially if I want to write something substantial, as opposed to posting a funny picture, or even a quote (as I do once a week). But I’ve picked up a few tricks you can use when you write daily. Write Shorter Blogs First of all, posts will become shorter, want it or not. A big well thought-out post needs a minimum of a few hours of work. Sometimes huge posts are put together in more than a day. They can be very valuable, full of quality content, but at the same time, you can’t write such a content daily. That’s excluded! Use Template Blog Types One other trick I’ve picked up by following those more experienced than me in this area, is that, to make it, some of your blogs will be templates you simply adapt to new sets of information. Easy to write, little brain effort put into them. I haven’t used many of them yet. I do have a day when I post a weekly challenge report and also in one of the weekend days I usually post a quote (gives me the time to write on Adrian’s Hub blog or tend to other activities). Check Out Topics Related to Your Target Niche in Online Media When you find something interesting, you can […]


How To Set Up a Team Contest at Adrian’s Hub

February 16, 2018 // 2 Comments

I thought it was time to insert another blog post exclusive for Adrian’s Hub members (which only makes sense if you are a member). Did you know you can set up a team contest at Adrian’s Hub? And offer cash prizes through it? You didn’t? Then it’s my fault, I probably should’ve explained better, because it’s not a new feature. It has been available for a while, this is one benefit you can draw from it. Now, let’s get to the point. 1) You know you have a Team Cash Bonus Pool, from which you can reward your referrals. This pool is funded with part of your purchases on the site or from your pending commissions if you choose so. 2) You can also send in-site messages to your referrals (they receive email notifications on received messages or not, depending on their preferences). 3) Optional: You can use the keyword [TCBP] in the subject line of your message and your referrals who you sent the message to will have a reminder on the dashboard saying “Sponsor Update: How to Earn from our Team Cash Bonus Pool?”, every time they log in. Clicking on that reminder will take them to your last message which used the keyword [TCBP] in the subject line. Please read the legend below the ‘Compose’ form, for details about how this [TCBP] keyword works! Now, let’s present the same points above through an example: 1) Let’s assume you have $10 in your Team Cash Bonus Pool (or add more funds from your pending commissions). You can see the amount you have in the pool from Affiliate Hub -> Your Referrals menu. You need to click on the link to expand Team Cash Bonus Pool information at the top of this page, on the yellow background. 2 & […]

roller coaster

How to Manage Your Emotional Roller Coasters

January 12, 2018 // 0 Comments

We humans use emotions to express our feelings. Emotional roller coasters are situations or experiences that alternate between making you feel excited, exhilarated, or happy and making you feel sad, disappointed, or desperate, we can find in the Collins dictionary. There are people who are or appear calm under any circumstances. But most of us could use a method to deal with emotional roller coasters. Why? Because we tend to do or say stupid and regrettable things in such events. Examples of Emotional Roller Coasters Imagine a lottery winner. He must feel awesome and those money will help him achieve anything he sets his mind to! His future sure must look bright! Hmm, in reality, most go broke in a few years, taking so many bad decisions in between. And they are on an emotional roller coaster all the way up until the winner is announced and then down until they lose everything. Now imagine a very successful restaurant owner. Next to his business a new restaurant opens which attracts many of his customers. Now the owner feels frustrated, but instead of figuring out a way to bring back his customers, he started to pour his frustrations on the customers who had chosen to stay. Want to guess what happened? Of course they left too. Finally, he got the message, the level of service became impeccable again, and started to bring in new customers, as well as some of his former loyal customers. That’s another example of emotional roller coaster, one where you go from top to bottom, and then back up. Is It Good For You to Ride Emotional Roller Coasters? An emotional roller coaster you can’t escape has terrible consequences for your business, family, relationships, personal finances management, trading, etc. Let’s take a “soft” example from family life. […]

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