Summer Almost Over

August 13, 2016 // 0 Comments

We are in mid-August when I’m writing this blog post. Summer is almost over. Traditionally, summer is slow for business, unless business is related to the industry of leisure and vacation. I have experienced a contrary-trend summer, with much time spent developing and releasing add-ons and updates for Adrian’s Hub and blogging weekly. But it wasn’t just me. As you may know, I have a freelancing job in the financial media world. And contrary to tradition, it was a busy-busy market this summer. What “should have been” a slow month of August, proved to be one of the peak-activity months so far this year. And same was July. Sometimes trends are not worth following. You might end up in a hole instead of a peak. The true challenge is to know which trends to ride and which to avoid. I hope you had a fantastic summer! Whether you had fun, recharged your batteries or kicked butt in business, great for you! Personally, I don’t like extreme temperatures, either way. So, I’m more of a spring-fall kind of person. Luckily, this summer wasn’t too hot where I live, which made it very enjoyable (especially mornings and evenings). I had a short 3-day off-time in May and preparing for another quality leisure time at the beginning of September. A week-long vacation this time. I’m curios how it will be business-wide, since when most everyone else is preparing to go full-throttle for the fall-winter period, I’ll go on vacation with my family (and plan to stay offline the whole time). I certainly look forward to it. But, until then, expect more updates for Adrian’s Hub and weekly blog posts! And a huge fall/winter time! Hint: Adrian’s Hub will be two years old in October.

Sunday Nature Getaway

March 6, 2016 // 0 Comments

Quite often, my family and I enjoy a few hours of getting away from town to a nearby mountain resort dating from the Roman Empire period, located less than 50 km (about 30 miles) from where we live. Today was a Sunday nature getaway to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday that we enjoyed a lot. Since we’ve been there hundred of times, we thought we knew pretty much everything. But here’s what I discovered today and found revitalizing in an early spring kind of windy day. I hope you liked it, although nothing compares to being there and enjoying a few hours of fresh untainted mountain air. And it looks much better in reality too! Happy Sunday!

Something Beautiful from Romania

July 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

This has nothing to do with any of the topics I’ve approached before on my blog. But my American teammate from the financial world has shared with me this article about an underground amusement park located in a former salt mine from Turda, Romania. I already knew about it, but never been there. Looks really cool, and definitely cooler than outside. ;) Just couldn’t help share it myself! Have a look at the article (with pictures): http://www.businessinsider.com/salina-turda-amusement-park-in-romania-2015-7 Salina Turda’s official site is http://salinaturda.eu/?lang=en if you want more information.