Competition Encourages Bolder Goals, Dreams Fuel Them

Competition Encourages Bolder Goals

I was inspired to write this blog post by an excellent article published by my friend Nick Grimshawe on his blog. If you want to clearly view the difference between goals and dreams, backed with quotes and goals from the early days of the American space program, you should read his article!

You probably heard the expression runs alone and ends up second. Apparently, it’s contradictory: how can someone finish second, if he’s the only one running? Here’s why: because if we don’t have competition, even if we are attempting to beat our own records, we’ll allow ourselves to get comfortable, to stop pushing our limits.

In sports or contests, how many times have you seen someone with a good advantage enjoying his or her victory a little too soon, only to lose on the last few moments of the race or game? Enough times to understand that you are only a winner after the finish line or after the game is over, right?

Another example: let’s consider Coca Cola versus Pepsi Cola rivalry over the years. Both companies are competing for the same market of cola consumers at the international level. If only one of them existed, with no other competitor stepping up, the other would have probably slowed down because it would already had been the only major player in that market.

So, the competition encourages bolder goals in order to gain advantage over the rivals. Also not to enjoy a victory too soon.

It might press us to set out and work on realizing the next audacious goal, after one is fulfilled.

Yet, sometimes that is not enough. As Nick clearly observed in his article, we need huge, compelling dreams or visions to drive us forward after each individual goal is achieved.

If we stop, if our dreams aren’t big or convincing enough, we fail. We will run out of fuel for our goals.

Dreams have the power to alter reality, as rapper Tupac Shaqur noticed:

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.”
Tupac Shaqur

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2 Comments on Competition Encourages Bolder Goals, Dreams Fuel Them

  1. Awesome article Adrian. I am happy I inspire you to create something beyond what I wrote about. That is the story of growth and your clearly illustrated that with your points about competition, even if that is to better one’s own previous achievement. I loved the quote by the way. We use reality as proof that we cannot achieve our dreams, and when we do that we use falsehood to defeat truth.


  2. Thank you for your comment and for the inspirational article Nick. Yes, I also believe reality is often a dream killer or at least prevents many of us to dream huge. That’s why I find Tupac’s quote that contradicts this status quo very relevant for dream building. I’m glad you liked it!

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