Do What Preacher Says, Not What He Does?

do what preacher says, not what he does

It’s Sunday, thus the title. It’s written in the Bible, Matthew 23:3:

So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.

As a great philosopher and mathematician of the past, René Descartes, famously asserted

I think, therefore I am (Cogito ergo sum)

I like to think, rationalize things. Hopefully, if Descartes was right, that means I also AM. :)

Oratory, public speaking, is seductive. Both to the one doing the speaking and the audience, if he’s any good. Practicing what we talk not so much. It doesn’t really matter if the public speaker is a preacher, an advocate to a cause, a leader or a salespreson, although their association in the same sentence can be looked at as inappropriate.

They all have the seductive power of oratory. Have you ever been influenced to do something, take some action after a great presentation? I have. And have you sometimes regretted such a decision days after, when you were no longer under its “spell” and you faced the real deal?

Can we see some credentials first? What actions you took recommend you, the speaker (or writer), when you’re telling me what to do?

I know it’s not always applicable. You can’t ask a real estate salesman to had built or bought a similar residence before trying to sell it to you. But how about calling some of his previous clients? In online business we are in a unique position to walk the talk before recommending further. Sometimes affiliates rush in to not miss out on a launch. But what recommends us when we remove the talk from the equation? Do we have a track record of doing stuff and not just talking about it? Or it’s just talk, and we rarely take action or worse, do the exact opposite of what we recommend?

World would probably be a better place if more people would do the responsible thing and take action on something they enjoy doing, instead of talking about it. Ok, maybe the world is a too bigger place. But YOU would do better if YOU would do that. If only there were less would‘s and will‘s in our sentences (please read would be actions)…

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