Do You Feel the Holidays Spirit?

Adrian's Holidays Spirit Event

If we can set aside the traffic and shopping congestion, holidays do have the power to bring us in a special mood, aren’t they? Holidays spirit surrounds us, especially if we are around family and friends.

That’s true for me anyway. and I decided to act on it and create a special event on Adrian’s Hub to resonate with my state of mind and be very rewarding to loyal members of Adrian’s Hub.

That’s how Adrian’s Holidays Spirit Event came into being. Everyone wins in this event, but top three people that choose to buy with me will have the most to gain.

Apart from the purchases on my site, I included eight more programs and products for this event, ranging from traffic sources to essential internet marketing tools. All but one were and are used by me with results to prove their worth. And the one I haven’t taken advantage of yet is an awesome product highly recommended not only by me, but especially by the creators’ track record.

I said everyone wins in this event and meant it. Whether you have 1 or 100 event points, you will win tokens on Adrian’s Hub, which you can use to buy advertising, unlock features etc. The number of tokens you will receive is proportional to your event points.

And everyone loves to win cash. So, our top three action takers will split a cash pot that increases with each purchase. As well as the percentage of the generated cash that will go to the cash pot. Starting at 20%, the percentage of the total funds to be transferred to the cash pot can goes up to 60%, which is absolutely fantastic, if you think of it.

Normally, I would have pushed the start date (or the end date) closer to Christmas, but one reason to start early is to give extra value (or purpose) to one of the prizes.

CTP XP may not appeal to everyone, but many of my subscribers are also members of Click Track Profit and involved in their team contest. With CTP teams competition going into the playoffs stage, 750,000 CTP XP split three-way by our top three winners, and the possibility to request the prize on a specific day, will certainly give them and their teams leverage. Your team is no longer in the playoffs? You can choose to send your CTP XP prize from Adrian’s Holidays Spirit Event to a friend. On me!

Are these audacious prizes? You tell me:
– up to 60% of the generated cash reserved for the cash pot
– Adrian’s Hub tokens (100 tokens are sold for $0.97, 1,000 tokens for $9.40)
– 750,000 CTP XP (regular price is around $110)

And, if you’re already aiming for our main contest, then you should know the regular or special rewards are in effect, so taking action in Adrian’s Holidays Spirit Event will give you a boost for our main contest as well.

If you are our subscriber, log into your Private Hub to see the event page. Otherwise start from here.

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