Email Marketing: Relevance of Numbers

email marketing relevence of numbers

You probably heard this so many times you started to ignore it: build a list. The advice is genuine and if you take it, it has the power to leap you forward in your online business.

But, it’s not enough to have a list, it is very important to build a great relationship with your subscribers and to pay attention and tweak your email marketing based on the numbers. And these numbers can be the metrics for your list, but also general metrics that can help you better understand where email marketing is now and where it’s heading.

It has come to my attention an infographic that illustrates in detail everything from common email marketing mistakes to the ins and outs of email versus social media marketing, with numbers (i.e. percents) to back it up. The infographic was put together by a company named EveryCloud, focused on email services, like spam filtering, email archiving, email protection and so on.

Did you know that men open more emails than women, but women pay more attention to marketing emails? Oh boy, that’s a point for men being shallow?! :)
What I also found out is that 74% (!) of women prefer gender neutral emails.

We already knew segmented lists perform better than the unsegmented counterparts. We now have the numbers saying emails to segmented lists produce over four times more revenue than emails to unsegmented lists. And that targeted emails to segments perform better than the same email sent to different segments (well, that was to be expected).

Some of you may have seen the concept of trigger-based emails for the first time, but the idea is simple yet powerful. And you most likely experienced it. The notification of your account becoming inactive is a triggered-based email, based on the level of activity, or in this case, inactivity. So, we find out from this infographic that they also influence revenues.

I’m not sure what to think on another piece of statistics: I know personalized emails may have a better CTR and conversions than non-personalized ones, and this is awesome if you already have all the information you need (i.e. first name, in addition to email). But if you are not a business that requires the collection of the client’s name, many top sellers in affiliate marketing say the less information you require at subscription, the better it is for building your list.

And, also, about the best time to send an email. If the majority of your subscribers are from a time zone, than you need to adapt to that time zone and their habits of reading emails. But if your subscribers are relatively equally spread around the world, then finding the best time to send the email may not be very relevant.

The device stats are good to know although, to some extent, expected. What is interesting is that ‘70% of consumers delete emails immediately if they don’t render well on a mobile device’. Also that ‘23% of the users who open an email on a mobile device, open it again later’, which means that sometimes mobiles are just a way to scan through the emails.

If you look at the “How Subject Line Affects Open Rate” section in the infographic you might be as surprised as I was. Certainly something to consider, because most online marketers prefer the type of subject lines that only have a 1%-14% open rate, compared to 60%-87%.

I was convinced already email has a better impact than social media marketing. The discrepancy seems a little too high in the stats, but social media is on the rise.

The email marketing experts predict more automation (53%), more personalization (76%) and more integration with other media channels (85%) for the next five years. I’m not an expert, but I happen to agree with all of them. Let’s mark the day and will see again in five years if they were right.

I hope you found the infographic as useful as I did.

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2 Comments on Email Marketing: Relevance of Numbers

  1. Tony Matyasovszky // May 26, 2017 at 7:59 pm //

    I have tried a couple of email marketing programs with little to no success. This article is helpful with a lot of good points.I also like the stats on men reading more emails than women but women pay more attention to the marketing emails. I have done it many times seen an email and skimmed through it without reading the complete details of it.

  2. A couple of email marketing programs? You mean autoresponders, right? If that is true, a couple is a couple too much, if I can say that. One, maybe two if you grow to a different level should be more than enough.

    Yeah, now it’s statistically proven we are more shallow than women. :)

    Thanks for your comment, Tony.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Where To Find Freelance Work For My Skills?

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