Evaluation Time at the Year End

evaluation time - well done

When the year comes to an end, we should all have an evaluation time and see how we stand and what we need to adjust going forward, or even what we need to change radically.

With this in mind, I’ve put together some stats for Adrian’s Hub for last year, and decided to make them public. Not to brag, because we are a very small site and things can improve in many areas, but we can also show some consistent facts.

Adrian’s Hub main reason to exist is to offer an online starting point especially to those who just started their online adventure, or have hit bottom, perhaps multiple times. If you are looking for quick gains, it’s unlikely this site is for you. There is no promise involved, except that through your own consistent, focused actions on the right goals, you will get rewarded. By not repeating the same mistakes over and over again, by improving your results and, only as part of the mix, by affiliate commissions and rewards you receive in Adrian’s Hub contests. I share my experiences and thoughts on the blog. Sometimes we have interviews or I review a program. I also recommend resources to use for internet marketing and traffic generation inside.

Adrian’s Hub additionally offers me a small platform to learn and test new things.

Let’s get back to our results though. Adrian’s Hub is not focused on profit, as you can see above, rather on helping others. However, excluding 2014 when we started, 2015 and 2017 were profitable (but most wouldn’t bother doing the work for this profit, and thus I don’t do it for the profit either), 2016 was slightly below breaking even.

I’ve paid $296.16 this year in commissions (which include cash rewards), $1299.30 since the site is online.

I offered 107 rewards in 2017 on Adrian’s Hub, not including the contest which just ended this Friday.

17 upgrades were gifted by sponsors to their team members.

$31.42 was sent to team members by sponsors from their Cash Bonus Pools.

501 distinct messages were written this year between our members using our internal messaging tool. I expected more, but with all the means to communicate these days, it’s ok.

78 claims were approved by our members for their PTD offers.

158 advertisements (excluding mine) of different types ran for our customers and members on Adrian’s Hub in 2017. Since we are not an advertising platform by excellence, this number is even higher than I thought.

I wrote one blog post every week-end, except one when I was on vacation (I don’t like to schedule posts) and the one after this when I’ll enjoy visiting a very interesting city.

My blog posts were shared on Twitter 354 times and on Facebook 52 times. I only counted the claims for tweets and shares, but there are more people who just tweeted or shared without participating in the contest. And I introduced the Facebook sharing reward for the contest late this fall.

The major development to Adrian’s Hub this year was Your Goals add-on, with its three components the tracker, the charts and the insights. There is another big one unfinished which I’ll probably add next year. And a few smaller improvements and tests which led to changes.

There are more numbers, but I wouldn’t want to bore you to death just before Christmas. :)

I’d like to thank our readers and members for taking action and contributing throughout 2017 and looking forward to continuing the journey into 2018!

I hope this reflection and evaluation time looks good for you. Overall, it was a bumpy year for me, but a good chance to take some radical decisions I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

Since this is the last blog post before the holidays, I wish you a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, if not, Happy Holidays! May you thrive in the new year in all the major areas of your focus!

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