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It isn’t a full week since we started our +1 Year Anniversary Event which takes place every October at Adrian’s Hub. Some of our members started to reap the rewards already or have eyed future or current contests that we have for this edition of Adrian’s Hub anniversary.

Shauna Martin and Meredith Bilski already won 1 million XP at ClickTrackProfit! Cheryl Fitzjohn got picked and received 25 CP for using ‘Your Goals Tracker’! Referral contest, main contest and now the first of two auctions for one of my top referrals are in full swing.

If you haven’t got involved yet, it’s far from late, just click to consult the latest updates or the schedule.

Yes, we’ve got so many things going on that we needed practically daily updates so far! I know there are so many distractions these days, but if you stay updated this won’t take much time and you have a great chance to win something.

You might also want to check out Adrian’s Hub Twitter and Facebook pages.

In most cases, for +1 Year Anniversary Event 2017 there is a competition to win your desired reward: referral contest, main contest, contest for 1 million CTP XP on every playoff day, bidding for my top referrals. It is in our nature to love competition, games and fun, so we have all of that.

If you use ‘Your Goals Tracker’ you will have an implicit reward by improving your goals, but during our +1 Year Anniversary Event, you might also get picked for a reward that you can value when you corroborate it with the main contest, VIP ranking and advertising we offer at Adrian’s Hub.

Before I end this blog post, I want to make a small adjustment for our members who are interested in the millions of CTP XP offered during playoff days.

At first I wanted to send the XP on the following day after the day which score we take into consideration for the win.

But now and after seeing “live” action, I think we should update this to: “win it today and tell me the date when you want me to send it to you!” Unfortunately I haven’t thought of it before I sent the first million XP to Shauna Martin, but there are 7 more to go!

By the way, this million XP translates into many many millions XP, depending on your team’s bonus and your personal bonus on CTP Teams. I may be rusty in this area, but I remember you can exchange the XP into points and help your team win during the playoff game.

If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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