Fairness in Online Business


Fairness in business will usually not have the same meaning for different people. Personal or close entourage experiences, individual make-up or constitution, and knowledge will deeply influence the way we see fairness in business.

A person who

  • enjoys the security of his job, even when he has a low salary
  • has a hard time adapting to changes
  • thinks education ended when he or she graduated

doesn’t have what it takes to succeed in business.

Copycatting a successful model will more than likely also fail at some point, because just as no two individuals are identical, their paths to success (or failure) will differ considerably as well.

My own definition for fairness in business is this: a business environment is fair if it offers anyone the chance to start and then grow his or her own business. Not a guarantee, merely a chance.

Given identical external conditions (that don’t depend on the particular business, itself), two businesses can have completely different trajectories. You can’t blame the successful business for the failure, or lack of success of the other one.

Is online business environment fair? I’d say it’s even “more fair” than offline, because the costs to operate an online business are a fraction of those necessary offline. Sure, competition can be fierce in some niches, but is offline any different?

There has been an interesting debate in the comments of this blog post. The debate was if it’s fair or not for a few to monopolize the best leads when a new product launches.

I think that’s the wrong question. The question should be WHY this happens, not if it’s fair or not.

Let’s see. Who people join when there’s a new launch?

The informed will join, probably in this order

  1. Someone they know and look up to as an authority in their niche
  2. Someone who offers the best bonuses
  3. Based on reciprocity: I’ll join yours if you join mine
  4. Someone they like and want to give him or her a helping hand to grow

The uninformed will join, probably in this order

  1. Someone they see advertising everywhere
  2. Based on reciprocity: I’ll join yours if you join mine
  3. Someone who offers the best bonuses

Now, there has been argued that a pre-launch and the same starting time to promote would make a difference in the results of the many. I doubt it, here’s why: during the pre-launch the marketers with the best results will have time to ready their followers that they will be involved a major launch and to wait for/expect their emails at the set time. And they will have time to prepare their bonuses. In a head-to-head competition for leads, they will still win by far, because they have experience, a larger audience, authority and better bonuses to offer.

The only solution I see for the many to match those results is to grow their business until they become one of the few. And that only comes with time and determination.

I’ll give you my personal example. Recently tePays was launched and it generated some waves (here’s my review).

If it would had launched two or maybe even one year ago, I doubt I would have had anyone joining in my dowline on the short run, let alone upgrade. Now, I have 5 people in my downline at tePays and others that subscribed to the list but have not joined. And one who upgraded to Pro. That’s not 500 people in my downline. But let’s revisit the subject five years from now.

The reason for telling you this is simple. Results will grow alongside you and your online business. Burning steps is a bad option, because you won’t be prepared for the next level…

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About Adrian
Creator of AdriansHub.com, I enjoy working from home and having a flexible schedule. My mission: to grow myself, then teach and help others to step up and inspire them to offer help at their turn.

5 Comments on Fairness in Online Business

  1. Well thought out article Adrian. The whole idea of “not fair” comes when people fail to understand the nature of business and expect that some how the goodies should be shared out even though their investment isn’t equal in terms of time or dollars spent. I agree asking if it’s fair is the wrong question.

    Rather than waste time on the hand wringing it would be wiser to look at your own actions, rework them if necessary and try again.

    The big guys were once the little guys. How many big businesses started in a garage?

    The secret to getting there is the one thing so many people seem to shun. Sticking with it, not quitting, refining and retooling what they do, with consistency and persistence. That’s harder than crying “that’s not fair.” but much more productive in the end.

    Nick Grimshawe recently posted…The World You Knew When You Went to Bed Last Night

  2. Thank you for contributing to this subject Nick. On offline businesses starting out in a garage, Microsoft is a great example. So is Google. When Google was born in 1998, Microsoft was a giant (still is!). Now Google has an alternative for Microsoft products in many areas, and usually outperforms Microsoft. This is a battle of the giants (not settled yet), but what would have happened if Google would had taken the “it’s not fair” approach when facing the mighty Microsoft? Nothing good for Google I’m sure.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…I Know. I Say. I Do.

  3. Love it man, this is one of the best articles I’ve read on the subject and you hit so many nails on the head.

    Even Nick in the comment above, was bang on….Big guys were once little guys.

    Let’s revisit this in 5 years like you said and see the growth of one’s business. That’s the message because if you are crushing it, you will be WINNING

  4. Thanks Jon! Little guy doesn’t have a guarantee to become a big guy, even if he does everything he should do. But complaining about the unfairness of the niche he activates in will definitely not make him move forward.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…I Know. I Say. I Do.

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