Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Adrian’s Hub is in some ways unique and it certainly changes, evolves and grows. But that raises many questions, especially from new members who would like to know a faster way to learn what Adrian’s Hub is, what isn’t and if it’s for them or not. Alongside a few more pinpointed questions.

So, I decided to put together a Frequently Asked Questions page (usually known as FAQ), to answer some common questions. This FAQ is also subject to change as Adrian’s Hub changes or new questions make it to the FAQ list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

questionIs Adrian's Hub free to join?

Adrian GurguiYes it is. However, the most benefits are reaped by members who take action on the long term (including free members), upgraded members and members who make purchases and advertise.

questionWho is Adrian's Hub for?

Adrian GurguiAdrian’s Hub is for anyone who wants to learn more about internet marketing, with occasional incursions into personal development field. Your actions will be rewarded, but we are geared toward encouraging long term growth. Advertisers are also welcomed.

questionWhat kind of a program is Adrian's Hub?

Adrian GurguiThat’s a good question, but also difficult to answer, because Adrian’s Hub doesn’t fall in a particular program type category.

If you really need to add a tag to it, it would be a membership site (with an affiliate program). But that would completely ignore the blog part. As I said, hard to put it in one category.

But, if I was to really answer the question, Adrian’s Hub is built on a blog platform, and has two big sides:
1. the blog (together with the Interviews, the Q & As and the Reviews), and
2. the Private Hub, which is the membership component, including the reward system, the affiliate program, etc.

questionCan I advertise on Adrian's Hub?

Adrian GurguiYes you can. Even if you are not a member, you can buy banner ads on the blog or other parts of the site, including the Private Hub.

Members and non-members alike can buy spotlight page ads (displayed at login).

A free way to advertise on any blog is to add insightful comments to articles that are being published. In return you can attach the site of your choice to your comment.

As a member of Adrian’s Hub, you have a few more options.

Through Paid-to-Do offers, you can offer other members of Adrian’s Hub a reward for taking the action you want. You can also promote your offer outside Adrian’s Hub. Non-members who see your offer can join you right away from the opt-in form.

Other advertising alternatives available to members are: a link to a site you promote (associated with your name), your blog link if you have one, your social media buttons, ‘your picks’ (small 125×125 banners of programs you want promote, visible when people hover over your picture).

questionCan I earn money with Adrian's Hub?

Adrian Gurgui Yes you can, in more than one way:

  • as affiliate commissions (free members too, but much smaller)
  • by completing PTD offers
  • by winning contests and/or events with cash prizes
  • from your team’s cash bonus pool. You can find more details here. You should also ask your sponsor about it.
  • by exchanging tokens for cash, under certain conditions
questionDo you have a minimum payout amount? What payment processors can I use for purchases and payouts? What is the delay for payouts?

Adrian GurguiMinimum payout amount is $2.
I pay out every Friday, for commissions pending at that time that are in total over $2.

If you haven’t filled in your payment processor information in your profile, your commissions will remain pending until you decide to fill them in.

You can make purchases throughout the site mainly with Paypal or purchase balance funds. You can load funds to the purchase balance with Paypal, Payza or transfer them from your pending commissions.

Payout via Paypal only at this time. Depends on where the revenue of the site comes from. I won’t pay with Payza if I make most of the revenue on the site via Paypal.

questionCan I have multiple accounts?

Adrian Gurgui I really don’t see why you’d want that. But to respond to the question, no you can’t. You risk all of them being terminated and all your referrals or pending commissions lost.

questionI don't remember my password. What can I do?

Adrian Gurgui There is a reset password page which instructs you what to do. If you still have issues resetting your password or logging into your account, please contact support. It will speed up the process if you use your subscriber email to contact us.

questionI don't remember if I have an account on Adrian's Hub. What should I do?

Adrian Gurgui You can also use the reset password page to test if you signed up to Adrian’s Hub with one of your regular email addresses or not.

Just enter an email address you want to know if you used to sign up to Adrian’s Hub, solve the captcha and click Next. If that’s your subscriber email, you will receive an email to reset your password, you most likely forgot that too. If not, you will be informed.

If none of your regular emails are in the database, it’s probably safe to assume you are not a member of Adrian’s Hub yet (at least not interested enough to subscribe with an email address you read regularly). So join now with your main email address and make sure you keep a record of the sites you are a member of for the future. It’s very handy.

questionWhere can I find more information?

Adrian Gurgui Here are two additional sources of information:
Adrian’s Hub Guide
Strategy For New Members of Adrian’s Hub (not for advertisers!)

questionI couldn't find the answer to my question here or on the sources above. Where should I turn for help?

Adrian Gurgui Here’s how you can find more help:

  • in emails from Adrian’s Hub; there is a intro series when you sign up and tidbits of help in regular emails
  • ask your sponsor
  • in blog posts from the site news category
  • ask in our Skype chat room (link to join it is on the dashboard of the Private Hub)
  • ask support