First Day of the Second Half of the Year

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A reminder popped up earlier today to tell me it’s the first of the month and I should put in some stats for the previous month.

Before I did that, I realized we are already half way through this year.

It’s not very funny to look at the status of your goals at the deadline, if you missed them.

I have to admit most of my half-year goals for 2018 are missed by a lot. :) <-- this is a fake smile, I don’t really feel like smiling.

In hindsight, there were a few factors I couldn’t have foreseen when I set the goals (and some I could have, but I didn’t), that did affect the final outcome. I could’ve also taken some better decisions. But we are all experts in retrospect, that doesn’t change what happened.

Most of my half-year goals (at least those online) practically became irrelevant due to outside factors I wasn’t able to foresee at the beginning of the year. The problem is, it’s easy to invoke unforeseen events messing with your goals, to get you off the hook. Should you get (yourself) off the hook for not understanding what’s going on sooner?

I think there are tho cases.

In the first case, you could have foreseen the events, with better analysis and correlations. This can be the case of an imminent trend reversal.

In the second case, there was no possible way to see this coming. Like an earthquake, one week in advance.

After the deadline is over and nothing else can be done, you should get yourself off the hook, regardless of the case. However, if you could’ve known of the possible bad outcomes and didn’t account for them, the goal should be considered missed, otherwise it’s probably better to be ignored. That doesn’t mean the “ignored” goals should be put in parenthesis, we can learn a lot from missed or ignored goals, and hopefully learn to set better ones in the future.

It is likely the second half of the year will be better for me, if no drastic changes will take their toll again. I’m looking forward for it.

I’ve set my year-end goals, which take into account the changes I went through in my online ventures. They are pretty realistic, I think. But time will tell.

What about you? How was the first half of the year? What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

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4 Comments on First Day of the Second Half of the Year

  1. HI Adrian, Great to hear your voice again.
    Setting goals, learning how to measure them, and reacting to things that impact them is a passion of mine. No amount of thought and preparation can account for what life can throw your way at unexpected moments.

    Sometimes it is necessary to reset them, reorganize them, or even discard them.

    The most important factor in achieving goals is the fact that you make them, write them down and pay attention to them.

    I go through a weekly exercise of posting the stats that reflect my goals and looking at what worked and what didn’t and how to improve what worked.

    Halfway through the year is a good time to take another look reflect and reset where you need to.

    I’m in those reflective moments now…where I ask myself if I am truly on the right track. Am I working toward my dream, am I living my purpose, or have I gotten sidetracked?

    Thanks for reminding me how important this whole process is to the growth and expansion as a human being.

    Great post. Looking forward to your future posts.


  2. Hi Nick,

    You seem to have stayed the course with the niches you have chosen, which is most of the times a good thing. Hopefully your reflective moments will give you a better understanding of where you are and where you want to go from here.

    Yes, I agree goals need to be adapted to changing situations (which also imply tracking their progress). As long as we use this for setting more attainable goals, and not to justify our lack of performance.

    Thanks for your insightful comment, Nick! Great to hear from you too!

  3. I was involved in admin of several sites and did not set goals.

  4. Patsy, if I’d say now that setting out your goals and tracking them is important, it would seem strange since I missed most of my half-year goals. But I still say it, and it is important. And I still set goals (hopefully I’ll do a better job at accomplishing them this time).

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