Gamification of Traffic Exchanges. Stage II: The first RPGTE.

TimTech launched ClickTrackProfit at the beginning of 2011. Quietly, no big bang and without any JV partners. When they began to talk about introducing the concept of gamification in traffic exchanges, many eyebrows were raised, and some predicted their failure…

Here we are, more than three and a half years later. How are things now? ClickTrackProfit has already proven to be a successful business, with an impressive 109,000+ membership base.

And gamification works like a charm, as long as it keeps the audience connected and doesn’t affect the primary goal of advertising, to get sales.

So, perhaps it’s time for a new bold step in the traffic exchange land? Eric and Daniel Goettman have taken this challenge and launched today the first RPGTE in history! This can be a game changer! Were you onboard ClickTrackProfit when they launched? If you weren’t, you probably regret it. Don’t miss out Lords of Lothar, the history maker!

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4 Comments on Gamification of Traffic Exchanges. Stage II: The first RPGTE.

  1. Hate to say this but CTP Timtech and this site takes gamifaication and cash grabbing and penny surfing to a new level of crap for advertising. Results have suffered massively and I am sure you have seen this by now.

  2. I understand your position Sean, don’t necessarily have to agree. You see, I believe markets are always seeking to provide what customers want or need. Sometimes I watch TV and I see what I think it’s a piece of crap. But ratings prove me wrong…

  3. Tony Matyasovszky // January 27, 2017 at 4:55 pm //

    When ever a new program is launched,there are gonna be doubts about success. there is also gonna be people who never even consider it. How can you judge a program without ever trying it? My thoughts are this, if the program is free to join and has potential to go somewhere,why not give it a chance? I agree, all programs are not successful but there are a lot that are.

  4. Wow, you go deep Tony! I think this was my first blog post here.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…12 Websites Which Include Paypal As a Payment Solution

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