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The 11th edition of our main contest just ended yesterday, and I thought it is about time to bring it back to spotlight on the blog too. All the merits for this longevity of the competition is reserved to our members who love it.

Many thanks and congratulations to our participants and winners throughout the time!

The main contest has been with Adrian’s Hub since nearly the beginning and is still one of the main attractions for our members.

Since Adrian’s Hub started, I have paid out 1,200 US dollars (1,199.77 to be exact). There are exactly 5 ways to earn money on Adrian’s Hub:

  • from affiliate commissions
  • from prizes in contests
  • as a bonus from your referrer to our site, usually for staying active
  • for completing certain PTD offers
  • by converting tokens to cash

You can also earn non-cash prizes, plus indirect benefits from advertising, branding yourself, networking, building your own list, promoting your blog or social media accounts, which in some cases are more valuable than the direct earnings.

At the top of this post I added a captured image of the final ranking from the end of our main contest (on the battle ground, there is also the training ground).

If you read my blog often you know John Chapman created a challenge for new members and his referrals to pass him in the contest and he will reward them additionally by completing his PTD offer. I wrote about it last week. When he made the challenge John was first and pretty sure of his position I think. As you can see in the contest ranking above, he finished the contest second, after Jan Cabrera.

I’m not sure if Jan already intended to have a strong end (he seems to like that) before John announced the challenge, but let’s look at his track record: his first contest edition – 1st (training ground), previous edition – 2nd (battle ground), this edition – 1st (battle ground). He also finished ahead of John while for every point he made, John got 20% as his sponsor. That’s interesting! John probably has a tough competition from his own referral now!

So, as a new member Jan Cabrera won, and continued to win as he moved up. This hopefully settles any misconception some may have that new members don’t have a chance against members who are already at the top.

Now, let’s see who do we find on third place? Gary Waters. He won our main contest more than once and he likes ample moves. When he re-entered the contest after a few editions of absence I thought he would dominate it. But, that’s one more reason I would be a bad gambler. Third place is still nice though.

On forth position it’s Patsy Payne. Many editions ago, she also used to battle for the crown, and she won it in the past. Now she seems to enjoy affiliate commissions more than being first in the main contest.

Charlotte Ericson (aka Lotta) is fifth. She also won our main contest and has been in top 3 countless times. But I guess she needed to slow down a bit.

Is winning the main contest at Adrian’s Hub important? All of the above people seem to think it is, because they each won it at least once.

We are now in a short break with our main contest which will resume on August 14th. If you are not a member and would like to join during the break, this would be a great time. To join use the form on the right sidebar.

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