How to Use Split Testing to Improve Ads Conversion

split testing

Split testing means trying out different variants of an ad to see which one performs better using the same testing conditions (i.e. number of impressions, traffic sources, time frame etc.).

To be able to analyze the split testing results, you need to track their performance.

For instance, if you want to see which of two ads for the same product has a better conversion rate, use these simple steps:

  1. Create a tracker link for each of the ads you want to evaluate
  2. Add the tracker links created above to the same traffic sources
  3. Assign the same amount of credits or impressions to each link (let’s say 2000 credits minimum; more for banners and text ads). Do not auto-assign credits to these links, it might affect the total amount of hits each gets.
  4. When the credits (impressions) run out, compare the tracking results

What can split testing reveal to you?

  1. Which traffic sources or what advertising services perform better for your ad

    Trying out the same ad in more traffic sources and using different marketing methods, or paid versus free advertising will reveal what is working better for you. Do not stick to one method though, trends change…

  2. What headline works better for your ads

    A strong headline using the right keywords will make the target audience pay attention to your ad.

  3. What call to action works better for your ads

    A call to action like “Subscribe” or “Join” isn’t as convincing as “Get Your FREE Report” or even “Join Us Now!”. Creating a sense of urgency works, so does appealing to the interest of your prospects for free stuff or the desire to be part of a larger community.

  4. What features or benefits of your product seem to attract more people

    When split testing two ads focused on different features or benefits, you can see which converts better. And therefore what new members / subscribers are mostly interested in.

  5. What color scheme works better for your ads

    Sometimes different color schemes attract different people. Not to mention unfortunate choice of colors might repel potential prospects altogether. Pink is a poor choice of color if you’re catering mostly to male audience.

  6. Which days or times of day produce better results

    When you have the possibility to advertise on specific days or times of day, you can test and see which ones convert better for your ad. You’d be surprised of the differences!

Recognizing the importance of improving conversion rates for our advertising, we tell you where your new referral joined from on Adrian’s Hub (on what lead page or blog page was the referral when he filled in the form).

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2 Comments on How to Use Split Testing to Improve Ads Conversion

  1. Hi Adrian,

    I’ve found that altering the background video has double my conversions, so with that new background it’s time to work on headlines and other stuff now. Overall it certainly pays for the cost of the tracking software.


  2. It’s about time to try a background video myself. :) I am a little concerned about higher loading times. Although my Landing Page Monkey ad’s background loads kind of late and is converting very well. Thanks for your comment, Andrew!

    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Risk, Marketing and Core Values

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