How Would You Spend 40 Bucks?

how to spend 40 bucks

There are two kind of people in the world. The ones seizing the moment (you know… carpe diem or seize the day type) and the ones planning ahead, investing in their future.

People seizing the moment enjoy each day as it were their last, but don’t think or plan for what lies ahead. They live in present and prefer to take life as it comes, without wondering what they can do to make it better.

Those planning ahead, on the other hand, briefly enjoy each small victory, and maybe reward themselves for a job well done. But quickly after, look down the road and see things in perspective. They become restless when they don’t do anything to move forward.

How many of the highly successful and achieving people you admire take life as it comes instead of in their own hands? Tell me if you can think of anyone, I’m having trouble finding such an example.

Now, let’s get practical, start small and see what would you do with 40 bucks. I chose 40 bucks because that’s the top cash prize on our contest here at Adrian’s Hub.

What’s the first thing that would go through your mind?
Option A: Let’s go out tonight and spend the money!
Option B: How can I earn more by leveraging the 40 bucks?

If you’re asking yourself the second question, do you know how to best spend your 40 bucks? If you are already a veteran in your industry, you probably do, but newbies usually make many mistakes before finding the right way.

Hey, you already would have won our contest to get those 40 bucks, and that required determination, taking regular action and even strategizing. So, you’re already many steps ahead someone who haven’t done all that. You’re already experiencing the compounding result of your actions.

Here’s what I would do if I were to start fresh online, with today’s knowledge and with 40 bucks on my hand, won at the contest on Adrian’s Hub.

Step 1. First thing I would do, would be to subscribe to an autoresponder service.

Then, create a campaign and build a letter series packed with useful information for my target audience.
It’s so much easier than you probably think (and getting better through practice)! Pick something you’re good at and build a list for it. You should be consistent after choosing a niche to write about, and provide valuable information as well as try to build a relationship with your subscribers. Offer tips, tell stories, publish stats, write about what works for you, you name it, there will be an audience for it. Just make it clear from the beginning what your subscribers should expect from being on your list.

For only 17.95 bucks a month, TrafficWave is the autoresponder I use. The first month you actually can use the product for trial, without paying anything.

Bonus: 400 reward points each month you pay for your subscription, to use for future contests (or advertising) on Adrian’s Hub, if you join and upgrade using my link.

Step 2. Then, I’d have a lead page created for my autoresponder campaign.

If you’d be willing to pay a little extra for an awesome product, Landing Page Monkey can work wonders, and you can’t find something easier than that. If you’d rather stick to the $40 at hand, you can easily have a lead page created for you by talented designers on Fiverr for as little as $5, but you’d usually have to host your own design. A free option for creating and hosting your own design is AdKreator (limited to one design for free).

That’s free, $5 or more, depending on your option. Let’s use $5 in our calculation.

Bonus: 500 reward points, if you buy Landing Page Monkey using my link. 45 RP if you join Adkreator using my link, 380 RP if you upgrade.

Step 3. I’d make sure I know where my subscribers come from.

For that, you need a good and easy to use tracking service. I’d recommend you for the job.

And you’d pay as little as 9 bucks per month for a great tool.

Bonus: 45 reward points, if you take the free trial and 380 RP if you upgrade using my link. Recurring subscription means recurring bonus, just claim it every time you pay for your subscription.

Step 4. I’d promote my lead page like crazy!

You can start by setting your tracker link for your lead page to ‘Your Picks’ advertising on Adrian’s Hub, for as little as 15 tokens every 30 days (almost free!). Your picks show up when someone hovers over your picture anywhere on Adrian’s Hub. The more active and involved with our site you are, the more places your picture will appear. That will help with your branding too: people will start to recognize you and remember what you promote.

Here’s what other traffic sources you can use. I can’t make a specific recommendation, because the results will vary depending on the chosen niche and topics.

So, what do we have so far? $17.95 the autoresponder, $5 a Fiverr gig for your professional landing page, $9 the tracker for a total of $31.95. You still have a little over $8 you can use to buy advertising to a site with good traffic from your chosen niche (or targeted traffic at a high traffic source, but usually $8 won’t be enough for a big impact in this case).

More tips:

1. Add your affiliate link from Adrian’s Hub as “Website Url You Promote” on your profile. When someone clicks on your name on our site, they will go to your affiliate page. If they join, they will join under you.

2. Make sure you promote your affiliate link of Adrian’s Hub, especially when our referral contest is on. You will find tools to help you promote in your Affiliate Hub, but you need to activate your Private Hub first.

I hope I gave you some good (no, great!) ideas of the compounded results you can create with Adrian’s Hub. And that’s just the start…

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