I Know. I Say. I Do.


Do we know how to lose weight? Probably, or we can easily find a ton of materials on the subject.
Do we say we’re too fat and need to lose weight? Most likely, especially if we have a few pounds over the limit.
Do we actually lose weight? Not likely, if we look at the statistics.

So, when will we lose weight? When we know how to do it, when we say we’re gonna do it or when we apply what we know or learn, have a healthy diet and work out?

Nope, this is not an article about losing weight… Just trying to make a point.

We know and learn many things in our lifetime, we often say to ourselves or to others we’ll put our knowledge into practice, but, more often than we’d like to admit, we fail at the last step, the one that really matters: taking action on what we learn. Doing instead of saying we’ll do.

I can hear some voices saying they work really hard but with no noticeable results.
That can be true. The world’s knowledge expands exponentially every day and without learning new things we become obsolete. Who still uses a typewriter now?

It’s ok to just jump in and start doing something, but only if we continue learning and then step up by implementing what we learned.

We can say, declare what we want to do or not, but the other steps of the equation are critical. Learn, then do! Either one without the other is useless.

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