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We all have been in diverse teams, both online and offline. For some it feels great to be a part of, others you hate and look for the next opportunity to get out. Some are inspiring, helpful, seeking to impact positively the development of each member, others are expecting results right away from everyone. Some are engaging and productive, others not. Some have autocratic leaders, others have leaders who value the input of team members. Some leaders say one thing and do another. Some lead by example. Others prefer to be clear-headed and oversee the bigger picture. Others simply don’t lead, just let everyone do what they want.

If you hate your team, then don’t be in it.

If you have much to learn, don’t be in a team that expects results right away.

If you want a productive team, seek to engage all team members.

If you are an autocratic leader, don’t expect ideas to pop up from your team members, when they are needed.

If you don’t want your team to lose interest, then start by not saying one thing and doing another.

Providing the best value for your team doesn’t often mean leading by example. If your team knows you are the clear head that brings order into chaos, if your vision inspires everyone else, that’s leadership at its finest.

Ideal team – there’s no such thing. It can be ideal to hang out and feel great, but the worst for performance. It can be ideal for learning, stepping up, but will never be the best.

Your close circle exercises a great influence upon you. What kind of team do you prefer? What kind of leader?

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2 Comments on Ideal Team

  1. Patsy_j Payne // April 21, 2016 at 6:35 am //

    Let’s Seeeee
    I prefer a leader who leads by example and listens to team input. Communication is the key for both Team Leaders and team members.
    Communication helps both to decide what they are looking for in a team and.or team leader.

    I sincerely believe that CTP Beginners n Winners is an awesome team. Leader and Associate Leader set the example both in performance and communication.

  2. Thanks for your comment Patsy! Leading by example is one way of looking at things. It certainly works for certain teams.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…How to Turn Your Activity to a Lead Magnet

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