If You Were To Promote Only One Business, Which Would It Be?

Most people don’t stop at one business when they promote. I used to do that, but no more. Now my main focus is Adrian’s Hub, its development and anything related to it. So, it seems very natural to promote my own site above anything else.

Returning to the question I started with… Which would be your one business to promote, if you were to choose?

If you own a business, the answer is easy. Promote your business. If you are building your list, that would be a wise choice too. If you are an expert affiliate in a solid business, you can choose that. But what if you don’t have a favorite? Then perhaps it’s time you slowly find your one business to promote.

I’ve recently added an option for Adrian’s Hub contest winners to have one link associated with their photo and name. Not a public profile, one site. Much like the sites associated with comment authors on blogs. But a feature I am expanding on. Also a good reason for my subscribers to think to one business to promote.

As I’ve said, I’m expanding on the idea, so the link can now be added to anyone in the contest. That particular business you choose to promote will be associated with you throughout the site, wherever your name and picture is shown. To promote a business via this method (free of charge), you’d have to contact me and let me know what the link is so I can set it up (until I finish coding the private area). You’d also have to be active in the current contest or the link will be automatically disabled for the contest ranking page.

The higher in the contest you are, the more visible, and so will be the business you promote. The first three positions in the contest are featured on the homepage, which is the most crawled page on the site by search engines.

Do you see where this is going? I hope so.

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2 Comments on If You Were To Promote Only One Business, Which Would It Be?

  1. Patsy j Payne--- konnektions konsultant // August 8, 2015 at 7:03 pm //

    Wow, what a question… I guess first would be Kore, RR, Trck.me4… There are tons of other programs like Commission n Success adn downline builders.
    Patsy j Payne
    konnektions konsultant

  2. Yes, I agree, ever green products are great on the long term. Hard to pick just one, isn’t it? That’s why the choice is much easier when you’re promoting yourself or your product first.

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