Internet and Borders. Freedom and Reversed Globalization

internet and borders - freedom - globalization

Internet is the ultimate new form of freedom.

  • The freedom to look up and read the information you need, no matter who wrote it and where, as long as it is on the world wide web.
  • The freedom to become friends with people at the other end of the globe, without ever meeting them.
  • The freedom for a team of experts all over the world to work together on a common project.
  • The freedom to create a free enciclopedia online with contributors all over the world (wikipedia).
  • The freedom for many around the world to fund one or many projects (crowd funding).
  • The freedom to have easy and cheaper access to cloud computing, cloud storing, etc.

We seem to be at the dawn of a reversed-globalization process (Brexit, Trump’s agenda). I’m not rushing to say that’s good or bad and for whom. What I know for sure is this: just as globalization was disruptive to a certain way of doing things, so will be the reversed process.

The internet is the ultimate form of globalization. Yet the world appears to be moving in reverse. Actually, I see nothing wrong with this picture. There are certain balances in the world. In time they are upset, and the bigger the upset is, the stronger the reaction, thus this reversed globalization movement.

There are almost no borders on the internet, except those we self-impose, by inaction or through ignorance. E-commerce really sky-rocketed during the past few years. Physical distances and borders are a distant memory which contributed immensely to the growth of online commerce.

Currently you don’t need a fortune to work online from the comfort of your home, open a small online shop or set up a site to offer online services. Having your own free blog or social media account to express your thoughts or for business purposes is a breeze. All that while 20 years ago there were very few internet connections, at least in my country.

There are global or sometimes even local events you can’t influence past your vote or your opinion. What you can definitely and always influence is your own course, your own actions and how determined you are to achieve your goals, to enrich your life and become better every day. Global events may influence you, but not as much as you and people around you influence yourself. So keep your focus and resolve!

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  1. As a result of this revolution, the journalist has lost the monopoly on information, today everyone informs, every institution, business, cultural or political, has its own information medium. Internet is truly the ultimate form of globalization.
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