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In our society, we have been taught and are in a way scripted to expect rewards as we take action, as we do tasks. Just think about it:

  • we are rewarded or praised for eating the right way, keeping our room clean etc. as children
  • we get grades for learning in school
  • we get paid to do our job at work
  • we look for best deals, benefits and bonuses when we are shopping

When you start doing something, you almost immediately think “What’s in it for me?”. Yes, I know that sounds and is selfish, but most people are hardwired this way.

That’s why I have always thought reward systems, like the one we have here at Adrian’s Hub are so necessary. Even if you’re trying to teach the right things that would lead to exponential results on the long run, if people don’t see immediate rewards, they are not likely to take action, or stay the course if they had.

At the same time, not many people online have the skills, money or desire to have their own site and implement a reward system of their own.

I started Adrian’s Hub focused on my needs. But as time went by and I added the Private Hub, my focus shifted from I to we. What do my members need to see better results, to grow?

And that’s how the Paid-to-Do (in short PTD) Zone came into planning, then developing and now launching. We are at different stages of evolution, each of us who try to earn a full or extra income online. Some need instant rewards to feel their actions are not in vain, others are glad to offer rewards to improve results in specific areas of their online business.

PTD offers come in three variations at Adrian’s Hub:

  • Premium: offering a minimum of $3 cash reward for completing it
  • Pro: offering either a cash reward between $1 and $2, or Adrian’s Hub tokens between 100 and 200
  • Regular: offering between 10 and 25 tokens

Do you want to complete PTD offers for cash or tokens?

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are a member of Adrian’s Hub. Join now from here, if you are not.

Cash rewards as well as tokens are transferred from the advertiser’s account at Adrian’s Hub to the member’s purchase balance or available tokens upon the approval of the claim of completion by the advertiser. Tokens can be exchanged to cash starting at a certain VIP level.

There will be PTD offers that you can complete daily or at other regular intervals (weekly, monthly), and others that can be completed only once.

The Paid-to-Do advertiser has full control and flexibility to add the offer he wants and set the reward amount, type, frequency and availability. You, on the other hand, can choose to discard some PTD offers you don’t want to complete (and offer a reason why anonymously), and to rate the PTD offers you completed. The rating will be visible by other members when they hover over the title of the PTD. An advertiser with an overall rating below 2 (out of 5 maximum) based on at least 3 votes, won’t be able to create a new PTD offer.

Besides the obvious reason to help other members see how good is an offer and how serious is the advertiser, or to send the advertiser feedback that will help him improve the offer next time, you will also be rewarded with 1 contest point to our main contest, for every survey answer or rating you provide.

Is Paid-to-Do Advertising For You?

Just like people who want to complete PTDs for their rewards, you need to be a member of Adrian’s Hub to create your own offer. Join now from here, if you are not a member. Here are some reasons why you should be interested in advertising using PTD offers:

  • You don’t need to conceptualize (and code) your own reward system, it’s done for you.
    It took me two months of hard work to plan and implement the Pay-to-Do reward system at Adrian’s Hub. You can simply skip this step and use a system that is done for you.
  • No need for a big upfront fee.
    I know from my own experience big upfront fees can be an issue. You might have a regular, but limited flow of cash, and any big expense will destabilize your finances. You don’t have to worry about that with PTDs. Premium offers cost $12 for 60 days of exposure, Pro – $6 for 30 days and regular $3 for 15 days. Apart from that you need to cover for a minimum number of potential reward claims (3 for premium, 5 for pro, 10 for regular) and you can set up and activate your PTD. If your offer is completed lots of times, you can add more funds/tokens as you go.
  • Are you good at managing your finances?
    This is closely related to the previous point. Are you considering having you own site that pays out commissions? How good are you handing your finances? If you don’t want to launch a site and then not pay commissions because you can’t afford to, you might have a test-run at Adrian’s Hub. By creating a premium or pro offer and making sure you always have enough funds to pay for more claims.
  • Offer a limited number of items at a discounted price.
    You know this works. Time-constrained offers and limited number of items on sale create scarcity and entice people to take action on the spot. Why would you want to create the offer in tandem with a PTD offer? Here are two reasons that pop into my mind right away:
    • you get sales yourself and help members of Adrian’s Hub build up purchase funds they can use to create their own PTD offers. Or cash out, it’s their choice.
    • you don’t have to process instant payment notifications if you don’t want to, you can manually approve claims at Adrian’s Hub, which will allow you to create more diverse sales pages, more often

    And here’s how you create scarcity with a PTD offer. You set availability to the number of discounted sales you want to offer and that’s it. You can also pause your PTD offer at any time.

  • You can offer recurring rewards
    Something like daily logins can work well with a regular PTD. But you can create a monthly reward for someone who joins, upgrades and stays upgraded in your downline. If someone pays $15 each month for a great product, you earn as an affiliate, let’s say, $7.5 and reward your downline with $3, that can be a great win-win scenario.
  • You can offer one big reward once
    Say you want to sell a $100 product. Your commission would be $50 at 50%. You can afford to offer a higher reward to those taking you up on your offer, right? You may want to account for refunds, thus delaying the approval until you get paid. But make sure you announce the delay in your PTD’s description.
  • Is your offer any good?
    See the reasons why people choose to discard your offer. Answers given in a one-step anonymous survey.
  • You can integrate your PTD offer on your site or in your emails
    There is a solution for site owners and one for non-site owners.


Paid-to-Do offers are very useful to both instant gratification seekers and providers. I just created the frame where the two parties can meet and work their way up, one step at a time. Please do contact me if you have any questions.

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